Notice of Annual General Meeting - 1999

The Interim Board of the .au Domain Administration (auDA), is pleased to invite you to attend its first Annual General Meeting.

Date: Thursday 7 October, 1999
Time: 5.30 pm
Venue:   Deloitte Consulting. Level 6, 213 Miller Street. North Sydney 2060


If you wish to attend the meeting, please send your RSVP to Jody Morris, by 5pm EST, Wednesday, 29 September 1999

Email Address:
Phone Number:   08 9214 2207
Fax Number: 08 9214 2211


  • Report the activities of the Interim Board
  • Report on progress to achieving the objectives of auDA
  • Amend auDA's Constitution to comply with ASIC requirements
  • Elect the first Board of auDA


  1. Report from the Chair on activities and progress
  2. Report from the Treasurer on financial status
  3. Consideration of the financial report, director's report and auditor's report
  4. Amendment of auDA's Constitution by special resolution
  5. Elections conducted for new Directors to the Board

    Supply Class (3)
    Demand Class (3)
    Representative Organisation Class (3)
    General membership Class (2)

  6. Any Other Business
  7. Resignation of Interim Board of auDA
  8. Resignation of Chair of the Interim Board of auDA
  9. Close of Business

Candidates Standing for Election

 Name  Class  Proposed by  Seconded by
 Kim Davies  Demand        Nick Takayama  Eu Hin Chua
 Mark Hughes  Demand  Tradegate P/L  David Thompson
 David Thompson  Demand  Moniker  Tradegate P/L
 John Southgate  Demand  Tradegate P/L  John Southgate
 Chris Chaundy  Supply  Kate Lance  David Keegel
 David Keegel  Supply  Chris Chaundy  Michael Malone
 Michael Malone  Supply  Tradegate P/L  Glen Lewis
 Erica Roberts  Supply  Melbourne IT  Michael Malone
 Greg Watson - ISOC-AU     Rep A  Moniker  iiNet Technology P/L  
 Kim Heitman - EFA  Rep A  Carl Duckworth  Michael Malone
 Kevin Dinn - IIA  Rep A  Luke Carruthers        AIMIA
 Iain Morrison - AVCC  Rep A  AVCC  George McLaughlin

Select Candidate statements, to view the information.

You cannot vote at the AGM unless you are a member. Membership for the AGM closed 3 September, 1999.

For members who cannot attend the meeting but still wish to vote in the election, a Proxy Form is also available on the web site. All members have the right to appoint a proxy and the proxy does not need to be a member of auDA

Proxy forms must be received by 5pm EST, Wednesday, 29 September, 1999

They should be sent or faxed to:

auDA Proxy
C/- iiNet Limited
Postal Address:   Level 9, 250 St Georges Terrace. Perth WA 6000
Fax Number: 08 9214 2211

If you have any problems, contact Jody Morris:

Email Address:
Phone Number:   08 9214 2207

Special Resolution to amend auDA's Constitution

Purpose of Resolution
To amend auDA's Constitution so that it conforms with the requirements of section 150 of the Corporations Law by replacing article 5 of the Constitution.

This is necessary to prevent the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) from revoking auDA's licence to omit the word "Limited" from its name.

The Resolution
That the existing clause 5 of auDA\'s Constitution be deleted and the following clause inserted in its place:

The income and property of auDA must be applied solely in promoting the objects of auDA as set out in this Constitution and no portion of it is to be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of profit to Members or Directors. This does not prevent the payment in good faith:

  1. for goods supplied in the ordinary and usual course of business;
  2. of interest at a reasonable and proper rate on money borrowed from any Member;
  3. of reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let by any Member to auDA;
  4. of remuneration to any officers or servants of auDA in return for any services rendered to auDA other than in the capacity as director or officer, where the provision of the service has the prior approval of the directors of auDA and where the amount payable is approved by the directors of auDA and is not more than an amount which commercially would be a reasonable payment for the service;
  5. of out-of -pocket expenses incurred by a director in the performance of any duty as a director of auDA where the amount payable does not exceed any amount previously approved by the directors of auDA;
  6. of any salary or wage due to a director as an employee of auDA where the terms of employment have been approved by the directors of auDA; or
  7. a financial benefit to a director to which subsection 243K(7A) of the Corporations Law refers or payment of an insurance premium in respect of a contract insuring a director to which subsection 243K(7B) of the Corporations Law refers provided that the financial benefit and/or insurance premium has been previously approved by the directors of auDA."

Financial Accounts
Financial Accounts for auDA for p/e 30 June 1999 are now available on the auDA web site.