Notice of Annual General Meeting - 2000

The Board of Directors of the .au Domain Administration (auDA), is pleased to invite you to attend its 2000 Annual General Meeting.

Date: Tuesday 5 December, 2000
Time: 6.00 pm
Venue:   Rydges Hotel. 186 Exhibition Street. Melbourne, 3000


  • Report the activities of the Board
  • Report on progress to achieving the objectives of auDA
  • Amend auDA's Constitution
  • Elect Directors to Board of auDA to replace those retiring by rotation


  1. Motion to approve the auDA AGM 1999 Minutes
  2. Report from the Chair on activities and progress
  3. Report from the Treasurer on financial status
  4. Consideration of the financial report, directors' report and auditor's report
  5. Amendment of auDA's Constitution by special resolution to allow payment of remuneration to independent Directors appointed under Article 18.2(f) of the Constitution
  6. Subject to the special resolution in item 5 being passed, approval by ordinary resolution of the amount payable to the independent Directors
  7. Resignation from the Board of those Directors retiring by rotation
  8. Elections conducted for new Directors to the Board, with voting by:

    Supply Class (2 Directors)
    Demand Class (1 Director - no ballot required)
    Representative Association Class (2 Directors)
    All Members (1 Director)

  9. Confirmation of the appointment of independent directors who were invited to join the board in accordance with Article 18.2(f) of the Constitution. The following ordinary resolutions are proposed:

    That the appointment of Greg Crew, as a Director of auDA for an initial one year term (4 September 2000 to 3 September 2001)

    That the appointment of Tony Staley, as a Director of auDA for an initial one year term (4 September 2000 to 3 September 2001)

  10. Any Other Business
  11. Close of Business

Candidates Standing for Election

 Name  Class  Proposed by     Seconded by
 Patrick Corliss  Demand      Mark Hughes  Tradegate
 James Blackmore  Supply*  John Dowell  Nita Tapsas
 Larry Bloch  Supply  NetRegistry  Click On Australia  
 Chris Chaundy  Supply*  David Keegel  Kim Davies
 Michael Malone  Supply*  EFA  Kim Davies
 Kim Heitman - EFA  Rep A*  Mark Hughes  Kim Davies
 Thomas Muecke - ACCI + SETEL      Rep A*  SETEL  Mark Hughes
 Greg Watson - ISOC-AU  Rep A*  Kate Lance  Tony Hill
 Liz Williams - IIA  Rep A*  Tradegate P/L  Mark Hughes

* Denotes candidates chosen to stand for the Director position voted for by all members, in the event that they are not elected as Directors in the vote by members of the indicated class

Candidates Chris Chaundy, Michael Malone, Kim Heitman and Greg Watson are current Directors of auDA retiring by rotation

Patrick Corliss, Larry Bloch and Liz Williams are currently members of auDA Panels; if elected to the Board, they would need to stand down from any Panels immediately - as joint participation on Panel, and on the Board, is not allowed

Select Candidate statements to view the information

You cannot vote at the AGM unless you are a member. Membership for the AGM closed 6 November 2000

For members who cannot attend the meeting but still wish to vote in the election, a Proxy Form (PDF) with instructions is also available on the web site. All members have the right to appoint a proxy and the proxy does not need to be a member of auDA

Proxy forms must be received by 5pm AEDT, Monday 4 December 2000

They should be sent of faxed to:

auDA Proxy
Postal Address:   PO Box 1545P. Melbourne. VIC 3001
Fax Number: 03 9642 5998

If you have any problems, please email:

Special Resolution to Amend auDA's Constitution

Purpose of Resolution
To amend auDA's Constitution so that it allows payment of remuneration to independent Directors appointed under Article 18.2(f) of the Constitution by adding a new sub-clause (h) to Article 5 of the Constitution

The Resolution
That the existing Article 5 of auDA\'s Constitution be amended by adding new sub-clause (h) in the following terms:
"...of remuneration to Directors appointed pursuant to Clause 18.2(f) of this Constitution in the capacity as director or officer, where the remuneration has the prior approval of the directors of auDA and where the amount payable is approved by ordinary resolution of  the members of auDA in general meeting."

Ordinary Resolution subject to Special Resolution being passed

Purpose of Resolution
To approve the amount payable to the independent Directors for the next 12 months

The Resolution
"That the Board be authorised to pay by way of remuneration to the independent Directors appointed under Article 18.2(f) an amount not exceeding the sum of $35,000 in aggregate per annum from the date of this resolution such amount to be distributed amongst the said directors at the discretion of the Board."

Financial Accounts
Financial Accounts for auDA for period ending 30 June 2000