AGM Minutes - 2004

Monday 8 November 2004 10.30am
Parmelia Hilton Hotel. 14 Mill Street. Perth WA 6000

Chair: Tony Staley
Secretary: Elspeth Ross
Returning Officer:    Chris Disspain

Greg Crew, Kim Davies, Greg Watson, Joshua Rowe, Peter Nissen, Ric da Paz

  1. Introduction and Welcome by the Chair

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Craig Ng):
    The Notice of AGM is to be taken as read

    Quorum (7 members) present. Meeting declared open

    Secretary advised that 12 proxies were received and all were in Demand Class
  2. AGM 2003 Minutes

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Craig Ng):
    Approve the minutes of the AGM 2003

  3. Report from the Chair on auDA Activities and Progress
    Report delivered by the CEO
  4. 2003- 2004 Audited Accounts

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Cheryl Langdon-Orr):
    Accept the audited 2003-2004 accounts

  5. Independent Directors Fees

    Motion (moved KH, seconded Craig Ng):
    To ratify the Board's resolution made at its meeting in October 2004 to increase the amount payable to the independent Directors appointed under Article 18.2(f) to an amount not exceeding the sum of $60,000 in aggregate per annum such amount to be distributed amongst the said directors at the discretion of the Board

  6. Change of Auditor

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded CLO):
    To reflect the change of nominated auditor to the company from Meagher Howard Wright, it is resolved to accept the resignation as auditor of R W Meagher and the appointment as auditor of K J Wright.

  7. Resignation from Board of Retiring Directors
    Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Demand), Ric da Paz (Supply), Peter Shilling (Supply) and Greg Watson (Rep Assoc) resigned from the Board. RdP did not stand for re-election

    Tony Staley (The Chair) thanked RdP for his service to auDA.
  8. Election of new Directors to the Board
    Election supervised by Craig Ng, Maddocks

    Supply Class (2 positions)
    Nominees: Peter Shilling, Bennett Oprysa
    Elected: Peter Shilling, Bennett Oprysa

    Demand Class (1 position)
    Nominees: Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Peter Fawkes
    Elected: Cheryl Langdon-Orr

    Representative Associations Class (2 positions)
    Nominees: Kim Heitman, Greg Watson
    Elected: Kim Heitman, Greg Watson
  9. Other Business
    There was no other business
  10. Close of Business
    Meeting closed at 10:18am