AGM Minutes - 2007

Monday 22 October 2007, 2.00pm
Maddocks. Level 7, 140 William Street, Melbourne 3000

Chair: Tony Staley
Secretary: Jo Lim
Returning Officer:    Chris Disspain

Peter Shilling

  1. Introduction and Welcome by the Chair.

    Motion (moved TS, seconded Domain Candy):
    The Notice of AGM is to be taken as read

    Quorum (7 members) present. Meeting declared open

    Secretary advised that 42 proxies were received:
    17 Supply Class
    25 Demand Class

  2. AGM 2006 Minutes

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Cheryl Langdon-Orr):
    Approve the minutes of the AGM 2006

  3. Report from the Chair on auDA Activities and Progress
    Report delivered by the CEO
  4. 2006- 2007 Audited Accounts

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded David Goldstein):
    Accept the audited 2006- 2007 accounts

  5. Resignation from Board of Retiring Directors.
    Brett Fenton (Supply), Peter Shilling (Supply), David Goldstein (Demand) and Joshua Rowe (Demand) resigned from the Board. Peter Shilling did not stand for re-election
  6. Election of new Directors to the Board.
    Election supervised by John Higgins, Hayes Knight and Rob Gregory, Maddocks

    Supply Class (2 positions)
    Nominees: Brett Fenton, Amin Kroll, Dean Shannon, Alex Woerndle
    Elected: Amin Kroll, Alex Woerndle

    Demand Class (2 positions)
    Nominees: Gordon Frend, David Goldstein, Joshua Rowe, Tony Steven
    Elected: Joshua Rowe, Tony Steven

    Tony Staley (The Chair) thanked BF and DG for their active participation on the board over the past 2 years.
  7. Other Business
    Brendan Lewis asked about the recent article in The Age, “Ozzie Interweb in Shock Loss.” Tony Staley explained that auDA set up auCD, to support the release of community geographic domain names. Approximately $1.5m funding was raised from the ballot of commercial geographic domain names in 2005
  8. Close of Business
    Meeting closed at 2.35pm