AGM Minutes - 2010

Monday 18 October 2010, 11.00am
Maddocks. Level 7, 140 William Street, Melbourne 3000

Chair: Tony Staley
Secretary: Jo Lim
Returning Officer:    Chris Disspain

Tony Staley, Kim Heitman, Amin Kroll, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Chris Disspain, Dwayne Varey, George Pongas, Graham McDonald, Josh Rowe, Julie Hammer, Marty Drill, Rosemary Sinclair, Jo Lim

Member/ Public Attendees:
Adrian Kinderis, Bill Caelli, Bruce Tonkin, Chris Chaundy, Craig Ng, David Keegal, Elspeth Ross, Erhan Karabardak, Jacki O’Sullivan, Jeremy Feiglin, John Higgins, Krista Papac, Leonie Dunbar, Paul Woods, Peter Nettlefold, Robert Gregory, Simon Delzoppo, Simon Johnson, Tristan Kathage

Apologies:  Nil

  1.  Introduction and Welcome by the Chair

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Cheryl Langdon-Orr):
    The Notice of AGM is to be taken as read

    Quorum (12 members) present. Meeting declared open

    The Secretary advised that 45 proxies were received:
    0 Supply Class
    45 Demand Class

  2. AGM 2009 Minutes

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Chris Chaundy):
    Approve the minutes of the 2009 AGM

  3. Report from the Chair on auDA Activities and Progress
    The CEO delivered a summary of the CEO Statement circulated in the Annual Report

  4. 2008- 2009 Audited Accounts

    Motion (moved Tony Staley, seconded Josh Rowe):
    Accept the audited 2009-2010 accounts

  5. Resignation from Board of Retiring Directors
    Marty Drill (Supply), Dwayne Varey (Supply), Kimberley Heitman (Demand) and Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Demand) resigned from the Board

    Tony Staley (The Chair) thanked the retiring Directors for their active participation and significant service on the Board over the past 2 years

  6. Election of new Directors to the Board
    Election supervised by John Higgins, Nexia ASR

    Supply Class (2 positions)
    Nominees: Marty Drill and Dwayne Varey
    Elected: Marty Drill and Dwayne Varey

    Demand Class (2 positions)
    Nominees: Richard Bone, Kevin Fleming, Kimberley Heitman, Simon Johnson, Erhan Karabardak, Cheryl Langdon-Orr and Kelvin Markham
    Elected: Kimberley Heitman and Cheryl Langdon-Orr

    The Board thanked and encouraged those nominees who were unsuccessful at this time, to consider re-standing for the Board and policy panels in the future
  7. Other Business

    Simon Johnson queried the Board’s view on travel expenses, in the 2009- 10 Accounts
    Chris Disspain advised that auDA has been increasing its domestic and international outreach activities in line with the Strategic Plan approved by the Board.  Domestic travel increases were also due to Board & staff attendance at ICANN Sydney June 2009 and the 2009 AGM in Perth.  The Chair assured members the Board would monitor the travel budget

    Bruce Tonkin queried the benefits of auDA membership
    Chris Disspain noted there has been an increase in demand class memberships due to Outreach/ CGDN/ Awards efforts.  Expanding auDA membership is also part of the Strategic Plan and is continuing with efforts to date reflected in the Annual Report

    Simon Johnson asked how auDA maintains the integrity, of its membership
    Chris Disspain advised that a member’s register is maintained and all membership applications are approved by the Board, with the Board requesting further information from an applicant if required
  8. Close of Business
    The meeting was closed at 11.40am