SGM Notice

The Board of Directors of .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) invites members to attend a Special General Meeting (SGM).

Date:         Monday 31 July 2017
Time:        10:30am
Venue:      Crown Promenade, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC


On 16th June 2017, auDA received a request from more than 5% of its members to call a special general meeting as per section 249D of the Corporations Act 2001. The request contained four proposed resolutions.

auDA has received legal advice that three of the four resolutions proposed are not valid. auDA’s legal representatives will be in attendance at the meeting.

auDA, per its obligations under the Corporations Act 2001, is calling a special general meeting to consider the only valid proposed resolution of Members.

auDA will also provide Members with an update on activities and strategic progress as well as provide Members with the opportunity to discuss any other items of interest.

Agenda for the SGM

             1. Report from the CEO on activities and progress. 
             2. Member proposed resolution as per below.

“That Stuart Benjamin be removed as a director of the Company with immediate effect.”

             3. Other Business. 
             4. Close of Business.

Agenda Item 2- Ordinary resolution that Stuart Benjamin be removed as a director of the Company with immediate effect.
Further information relating to this resolution, including a written statement by Stuart Benjamin and a recommendation from the directors of auDA will be circulated to Members shortly.


You cannot vote at the SGM unless you qualify to vote under clause 16.1 of auDA’s Constitution and your membership fee has been paid. All qualifying members are entitled to 1 vote.


For members who cannot attend the meeting but still wish to vote, a Proxy Form (PDF) with instructions is available. If you have any trouble accessing the proxy form, please email

All qualifying members have the right to appoint a proxy and the proxy does not need to be a member of auDA.

Proxy forms must be received by 10:30 am AEDST on Sunday 30th July. Late proxy forms will not be accepted. Forms must be emailed to auDA Company Secretary,