Board Minutes - 20 April 1999

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Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

20 April 1999 - 09.30am

Michael Malone (MM), Chris Chaundy (CC), Mark Hughes (MH), Larry Bloch (LB), Greg Watson (GW), Vic Cinc (VC)

Erica Roberts (ER), Nikki Vajrabukka (NV), Chris Murphy (CM)


 1. Election of Chair
Nominations for the positions of Chair was called for. Due to the nature of this meeting, it was decided that this positions would be acting until the next full meeting of the board.

Nominations: MM (Acting Chair)
Proposed: LB
Seconded: MH
Carried unanimously.

2. Apologies
Apologies were received from: Kim Davies (KD), Kim Heitman (KH), Iain Morrison (IM), Chris Connolly (CCo), David Thompson (DT)

3. Optional appointment of up to 2 additional directors
A general discussion of the options regarding the appointment of additional directors was held. It was decided that any decision on appointed directors should be deferred to the next full meeting of the board.

4. Election of other Office Holders (Secretary, Treasurer)
It was decided to appoint the following officers, also on an acting basis until the next full meeting of the board.

GW (Acting Secretary)
MH (Acting Treasurer)
Resolution carried unanimously.

5. Appointment of Company Solicitors
A decision is required as to whether the current solicitors Phillip Fox continue, or are replaced with an alternative. A possible alternative was suggested as Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

It was decided that Phillip Fox would continue until the next full meeting of the board, at which time the issue of company solicitors would be decided.

Action(1/1): MH to notify Phillip Fox of this decision.

6. Establishment of Process for selection of CEO
Deferred to next meeting.

7. Establishment of auDA Policy Advisory Committees
Deferred to next meeting.

8. Setting of Operational Budget includin
ER indicated that the government has already allocated funds and would prefer to see an operational budget prior to the end of the financial year.

This item was deferred to the next meeting.

9. Timetable for Board Meetings and first AGM
Given that the board membership is fairly evenly distributed over Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, it was decided that the next meeting would be held in Sydney.

Suggested dates were: April 30, May 1, May 2, May 3

Since the next meeting will be the first full meeting of the board, it was suggested that it would be appropriate for directors travel expenses to be reimbursed.

10. Any Other Business
It was proposed that we ask David Keegel to post the results of the election on the web page.

Proposed: VC
Seconded: LB
Carried unanimously.

Action (2/1): MH to notify other directors of results.
Action (3/1): MH to email contact details of all directors to the mailing list.

There was a short discussion on ensuring that auDA appear as open as possible. To this extent it was decided that minutes of the board meetings would be placed on the web page.

ER indicated that there was some interest for a ministerial press release and that auDA should consider a joint release. In any event, NOIE would be preparing a press release for 30 April. The board resolved that auDA would issue a separate press release. ER suggested that a single point of contact be available to co-ordinate the content of the auDA/NOIE releases. It was agreed that MM would be the contact.

It was agreed that all directors should have a consistent line when it comes to contact with the press, at least in the interim. It was suggested that statements should be kept to a minimum.

11. Next meeting
To be decided.

Meeting closed 10:30pm.