Board Minutes - 29 July 1999

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

29 July 1999 - 2.00pm
Grosvenor Place. Level 9, 225 George Street. Sydney NSW 2000

Vic Cinc (VC), Chris Chaundy (CCh) by telephone, Sandra Davey (SD), Kim Davies (KD) by telephone, Kim Heitman (KH) by telephone, Mark Hughes (MH), Michael Malone (MM), David Thompson (DT), Greg Watson (GW)

Erica Roberts, NOIE (ER) Tom Dale, NOIE (TD) Nikki Vajrabukka, NOIE (NV) Patrick Fair, Phillips Fox (PF) Nicol Delbaere, Phillips Fox (ND)

Larry Block (LB), Chris Connolly (CCo)

1) Confirmation of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Moved: GW Seconded: DT Carried.

2) Reports from Office Bearers

Chair/Vice: The Chair and Vice Chair reports that they had approached NOIE and received a favourable response on the topics of progress and meetings targets for funding.

They had no response from the IIA on initiating a liaison. They spoke with ISOC-AU, whose only issue was action and proposed that no action is immediately necessary.

They met with Clive Flory from Melbourne IT to discuss No official response has been received yet, but a number of key points that M-IT considers important were outlined in the meeting.

A meeting with Connect regarding has yet to occur.

The Chair, with ER and NV met with the ACCC. The ACCC was positive and expressed key areas of regulatory concern - competition issues (in many areas, monopoly issues), third line forcing, and arrangements between competitors.

Cash at Bank: $11,767.09
Board Expenses to be paid: $ 2,023.90
Legal Expenses to be paid: $ 3,047.10
Net Assets: $ 6,696.09

3) Actions Arising from the Minutes of July Meeting

3.1 (A3.2/4): DT to draft new press release and include AGM Pending.

ACTION (3.1/5): DT to draft new press release and include AGM by 5 AUG

3.2 (A3.4/4): CCo to pass documents to SD for web publication. Done.

3.3 (A3.5/4): MM to follow up and get cover notes. Followed-up. Currently waiting on insurance companies.

3.4 (A3.8/4): IM to contact CSIRO regarding ER contacted Jonathan Potter at She said they accepted they will need to be involved. ACTION (3.4/5): MM to contact CSIRO to follow up.

3.5.1 (3.10-1/4): MM to delete

3.5.2 (3.10-2/4): MM to contact Robert Elz to confirm when done

3.5.3 (3.10-3/4): MM to thank Leni Mayo for the redirection. Done.

3.6 (3.13/4): MM to redraft NOIE reply for 12th July incorporating NOIE comments. Done and sent.

3.7 (3.14/4): Split edu/gov policy considerations out and send to relevant organisations. Done.

3.8 (3.15/4): SD to incorporate changes to interim board objectives. Done.

3.9 (3.16/4): MM to initiate contact with domain registrars. Done. (See above)

3.10.1 (3.18-1/4): MH to send membership list to KD by 8th JULY

3.10.2 (3.18-2/4): KD to ask WAIA board to transfer DNS list to auDA.

3.10.3 (3.18-3/4): KD to add further list info to web site Done.

3.11.1 (4-1/4): KH to contact IM to confirm results.

3.11.2 (4-2/4): KH to advise Phillips Fox of their successful bid, and others.

3.11.3 (4-3/4): KD to publish KH findings to web site

3.11.4 (4-4/4): KH to send detailed results to board of selection process. Part 2 completed. Part 3 and 4 depend on completion of Part 1.

ACTION (3.11.1/5): KH to contact IM to confirm results, with "no response equal acceptance".

ACTION (3.11.3/5): KD to publish KH findings to web site.

ACTION (3.11.4/5): KH to send detailed results to board of selection process.

3.12 (6.1-1/4): KD to contact IM to query the status and purpose of the document. The document was a briefing report for on domain issues.

ACTION (3.12-1/5): ALL to review in new context for accuracy.

ACTION (3.12-2/5): GW to send business plan to IM to accompany overview.

3.13.1 (6.3-1/4): SD to adopt changes as discussed and publish a revised version.

3.13.2 (6.3-2/4): KD to publish to web site with announcement by chair. Done.

3.14 (8/4): MM to reply to Geoff Huston advising of auDA\'s goal to operate AUNIC. Pending.

ACTION (3.14/5): MM to reply to Geoff Huston advising of auDA\'s goal to operate AUNIC.

3.15 (9.2/4): GW to develop terms of reference for the panel Pending.

ACTION (3.15/5): GW to develop terms of reference for the panel

3.16 (9.4/4): KH to get Phillips Fox to quote on legal advice for jurisdictional issues and dispute handling processes. Done.

3.17 (10/4): ALL to contact MH by 8th JULY with reimbursement details. Done. One late application which was accepted.

4) Business Plan

Several points were raised by SD.

    The dates are slipping and should be adjusted. and should consult with communities of interest (including ISPs) as part of their license.
    Accuracy of some costings such as office equipment.

ACTION (4-1/5): GW to remove NOIE funding from business plan.

ACTION (4-2/5): SD to date the timeline and financial plan so context makes sense on published version.

ACTION (4-3/5): KD to add Nicol Delbaere to mailing list

MOTION: That the board supports the ongoing work of the business plan subcommittee and the draft business plan. Moved: SD Seconded: VC Carried.

5) Annual General Meeting

To be held on 22nd of September 1999 in Sydney. Venue should cater for 50-70 people. A cut off for nominations and new memberships be at the next board meeting.

ACTION (5/5): SD(chair), KD, VC and MH to form AGM subcommittee and organise the AGM. To report twice weekly on progress to board.

MOTION: That new member applications and candidate applications be received by close of business, 3rd September 1999, with 30 days notice to members. Moved: MM Seconded: SD

6) Auditors

MOTION: That Meagher, Howard & Co be retained as auditors. Moved: MM Seconded: MH

7) Funding

Melbourne IT was approached, and a number of points were maide. Their key points included a) non discriminatory (a lowest comment denominator service agreement, no cross subsidy, common fee for all 2LD capped at $5 per domain per 2 years) b) policy development c) confirmation of license

ACTION (7/5): MM to try and meet with Peter Gerrand by next Friday to discuss points, and make a response. DT to draft first letter.

MOTION: Engage Phillips Fox to draft first year contracts based on current draft policy. Moved: MM Seconded: DT

Connect and Hugh Irvine have been given a copy of the business plan.

8) New Members

Three new member applications received from: i) Australian Business Access Pty Ltd ii) Nitrogen Interactive Pty Ltd iii) Jim Limberis

MOTION: We accept these three members subject to confirmation by MH of their appropriateness according to the constitution. Moved: MM Seconded: MH

9) Educational Sector Response

ACTION (9/5): MM to follow up on educational sector response with IM.

10) Letter from Larry Block

A letter was sent by Larry Block to various organisations that contained inaccuracies relating to auDA.

ACTION (10-1/5): MM to send copy of the letter from LB to the board list by AUG 1. A censure motion was recommended to the effect of "the board has deep concerns of its name being used in material that seems to contravene the Trade Practices Act to promote a company"

ACTION (10-2/5): Engage Phillips Fox to draft a censure motion. Moved: MM Seconded: CCh

11) Public Officer

MOTION: MH be appointed at public officer. Moved: MM Seconded: SD

12) Announcement Emails

MOTION: All announcements on behalf of auDA to be signed off by the chairman or CEO unless otherwise delegated. Moved: MM Seconded: MH

13) CEO

MOTION: Upon confirmation of funding, MM to approach KPMG to being search for CEO. Moved: MM Seconded: MH

14) Policy Development

ER suggested the draft document be renamed "Policy Development Process and Procedures."

ACTION (14-1/5): MM to send the "PDPP" to invite comment from large number of sectors. Extend 21 days notice until the next board meeting.

MOTION: Board thans ER for her support of auDA. Moved: MM Seconded: MH ACTION (14-2/5): ALL to send a list of stakeholders to board list over the next 2 days.

15) Service Level Agreements

ACTION (15/5): KH to add Service Level Agreements to the work for Phillips Fox to conduct for auDA.

16) Publicity

NSW SOCLAW asked auDA to present a 40 minute presentation. It was resolved that in general, such invitations be handled by the CEO or Chairman, or an approved delegate.

Meeting closed at 5:50pm.