Board Minutes - 10 July 2000

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

10 July 2000 - 1.00pm Pty Ltd. Level 9, 114 Albert Road. South Melbourne VIC 3205

Greg Watson (Chair), David Thompson (Deputy Chair), Chris Chaundy, Kim Heitman, Kim Davies, Erica Roberts, Iain Morrison

Michael Malone and David Keegel

Jo Lim, Michelle Scott and Asa Masterman

Kevin Dinn

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of last meeting to be carried over to next meeting

Action Item: KD to put previous minutes on the web site

3. Name Policy Panel

Derek Whitehead reported to the board.

    First meeting has been held
    Discussion papers have been put on the web site.
    Discussion is taking place on the Names Panel discussion list.
    Press Release has been released.
    Existing 2LD registrars have been asked to provide a list of issues relating to domain name policy that they are encountering in their operations
    Password protection area of the web site required
    General discussion email list is required

Board agreed to use the DNS list as the general discussion list.GW suggested that auDA consider sending selected panel chairs to the ICANN meeting to enable them to participate in ccTLD discussions.

4. MIT contract

ER excused herself from the meeting for this discussion.

IM reported that MIT's board agreed in principle to recommend the contract, subject to auDA's finalising of budget considerations. IM then excused himself from the meeting for the remainder of this discussion.

GW noted that there has been one change to the contract circulated the previous Friday - that change was to do with GST.

GW updated the board on the process over the last couple of weeks following the meeting in Melbourne chaired by Paul Twomey.

Motion to accept the proposed contract in principle and delegate to the chair GW. Moved by DT, Seconded KH. Motion carried.

Action Item: GW write to the competition panel chair and advise him of anything in the contract that would affect the operation of the competition panel.

5. Budget

GW spoke to the proposed budget, which requires approval by the auDA board as part of the contract process.

General discussion about what would happen after 1 July 2001 with regard to the proposed MIT contract, and after that date with other 2LD registrars.

Discussion about whether in principle auDA should provide services or not. The general feeling was that this should be reviewed after the outcome of the competition model is known.

Question about whether auDA should budget for taking on the costs of Melbourne University's operation of the munnari servers.

Action Item: IM would report to the board on the cost of the existing munnari infrastructure.

Motion to approve the budget in principle to be used in the finalisation of the MIT contract. Moved GW, seconded KH. Motion carried.

6. ICANN - auDA representation

Discussion in whether auDA should be represented at ICANN meetings. Agreement in principle that auDA should be represented.

Motion that auDA reimburse KH's reasonable expenses at the next ICANN meeting. KH will report to the board on significant issues from the ICANN meeting. Moved ER, Seconded DT Motion carried.

Discussion on whether Panel chairs should participate in ICANN meetings. Agreed that it may be relevant for that to happen depending on the panel and the issues at the ICANN meeting.

Action Item: Acting CEO to enquire about D Whitehead's availability for the next ICANN meeting, and report back at the next board meeting.

7. Transfer of .au authority

Discussion about auDA's progress on issues raised by the government:

View expressed that auDA has made progress in all the areas:

    Corporate Governance
    Open Policy Processes
    Independent Chair

CEO search sub-committee of GW, DT, IM, MM to co-ordinate the search for the new CEO.

Expansion of the auDA membership.

    Directors to promoting auDA membership through the existing membership classes.
    KH to review while at ICANN the 'at large' membership
    Directors report to other industry bodies about auDA activities - including development of standard presentation
    auDA to provide a progress report to NOIE by the end of August - GW to respond to NOIE on all these issues by mid-august.

Action Item: DT to provide an issues paper on expansion of membership.

8. Corporate governance

1. Continuing Disclosure

No changes

2. Independent Directors

Action item: GW to write to first two names re independent director's positions.

9. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's report was tabled.

Mark Hughes resigned as Treasurer.

Called for nominations for Treasurer. DT nominated as Treasurer. CC seconded the nomination. DT declared Treasurer.

IM, ER, GW and DT nominated as the finance sub-committee.

Action Item: IM will provide a draft Terms of Reference for the finance sub-committee.

10. Membership report

Demand Class membership applications have been received from:

    Acce Netmastery
    Liz Williams
    Ricci Consulting & Investment Pty Ltd
    Websters International Publishers Limited
    Parliament of Victoria
    Michael Green
    Kenneth Brownsmith

Moved GW seconded IM to accept all members except parliament of Victoria- actingCEO to query that application for more information.

11. Customer service

We have received and responded to approximately 380 queries in June.

Action Item: CEO to respond to the board with proposed solution and admin requirements for handling the current workload.

12. Publicity

1. Interviews

Several media interviews by Acting CEO including:

    Financial Review
    The Australian
    Business NSW

2. Press releases

June 14 Domain Name Review Panel Finalised
June 29 auDA issues Call for Participants for Competition Model Advisory Panel
July 7th Domain Name Review Panel holds First Meeting

3. auDA web site


    FAQ at HYPERLINK "" has been revised several times during the month to include new issues and correct/provide more information on other issues.
    Domain Name Policy Advisory Panel details included on web site
    Competition Model Advisory Panel details included on web site

13. Acting CEO's report


Several responses have been received to the AUNIC Tender. We have asked Baker & McKenzie to evaluate them and provide a report to the board.

Action Item: A/CEO to ask BMcK to provide an indicative cost for the evaluation. And timelines.

2. Domain Name Database

ATO has asked for continuing access to the domain name database. Acting CEO asked ATO to provide details of their authority to access this data.

3. Competition Panel

Terms of Reference has been completed and the call for participants has been issued.

Agreement that Jo and George will short-list the candidates; short list will then be circulated by email.

Motion that board ratify the adoption of the Competition Panel TOR. Moved GW, seconded by DT, Motion carried.

14. Other business


Discussion about the existing AUNIC IP address range, and whether its management should be moved to APNIC.
Action Item: CC and DK to investigate and advise the board.

15. Next meeting / Meeting closed

Next meeting: 7th August 2000 at Melbourne IT.

Meeting Closed at 17:30.