Board Minutes - 9 October 2000

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

9 October 2000 - 1.00pm Pty Ltd. Level 9, 114 Albert Road. South Melbourne VIC 3205

Chris Chaundy, Greg Crew, Kevin Dinn, Kim Heitman, David Keegel (Secretary, Minutes), Tony Staley, David Thompson (Deputy Chair)
Erica Roberts (initally), Greg Watson (Chair)

Michael Malone and Iain Morrison

Craig Hand, Jo Lim (NOIE) and Michelle Scott (NOIE)

Kim Davies and Mark Hughes

1. CEO selection
GW reported on CEO selection.

The CEO selection sub-committee unanimously recommended the appointment of Chris Disspain as auDA's CEO. Chris should be available full-timeby 16/10/2000.

Motion (proposed KH, seconded ER): That auDA appoint Chris Disspain as CEO, under the terms and conditions recommended by the sub-committee. Carried.

CD was then invited to join the meeting.

2. Continuous Disclosure
DK reported that a Declaration of Interest form was received from GC.

TS to fill out Register of Interest form and return to DK. Action: TS

DK organise change of mail destination for Action: DK

3. Minutes

DK to fill in details of members approved in September. Action: DK

Motion (proposed DT, seconded DK): That the September Minutes are approved, subject to minor changes. Carried.Publication version of minutes for January 2000 to August 2000 accepted, subject to any corrections noted by 13 October.

4. AUNIC Hosting Tender

CC and ER left the meeting.

GW reported on behalf of the AUNIC Hosting Tender sub-committee.

Motion (proposed GC, seconded KH): The Board received the report, and authorises the CEO to enter into negotiations with the preferred tenderer.

At this point CC returned, Derek Whitehead and George Michaelson joined the meeting, and MM and IM joined by teleconference.

5. Name Policy Panel

Derek Whitehead reported to the Board. The aim is to have a stage 2 paper ready for public consultation in November.

Action: CEO to consider the issue of public comments on name policy, and determine how this should be handled.

6. Competition Panel

George Michaelson reported that the first meeting of this Panel was on 27/9/2000. An accelerated time line was discussed by the Panel, but details were not available at the time of the meeting. George will provide accelerated time line to the Board.

7. Competition Co-Chair

GC approached David Lieberman to become Competition Panel Co-Chair. David agreed provided that time commitment is manageable. Motion (proposed GC, seconded CC): To appoint David Lieberman as a Co-Chair of the Competition Panel. Carried.

8. Action Items

GW went through all outstanding action items since May to determine their status.

9. CFO Report

CH tabled a report to the Board on the status of his activities to date.

10. Treasurer's Report.

DT tabled accounts as approved by the Finance & Audit Sub-Commitee. This included the FYE 2000 accounts for annual reporting purposes and accounts as at 30 September 2000.

Motion (proposed TS, seconded GC): That the FYE 2000 accounts are accepted ready for audit. Carried.

Action: CH to arrange for accounts to be audited in preparation for producing the annual report.

Motion (proposed GC, seconded KH): GW and TS are authorised to sign the annual report. Carried.

Motion (proposed TS, seconded KH): Add GC to Finance and Audit sub-committee. Carried.

Discussion on the low number of membership renewals to date.

Action: CH to review the renewals process listed at, and determine if updates are needed.

Action: CH to check status of membership database and issue reminders that members must be financial to vote at the AGM.

11. AGM

The following Directors will stand down at the AGM (and may re-nominate):
CC & MM from Supply
MH from Demand
GW & KD from Representative Association
KH from General

Implications of the resolution of June 2000 that "Motion carried that board members are not eligible to be members of Advisory Panels." were discussed. It was agreed that if any Panel members were successful in being elected Directors, then they would need to resign from the Panel at the time of the AGM. Potential candidates should be warned of this as part of the call for nomination process.

DK and CEO to do organising for the AGM. Action: DK,CEO.

The AGM is currently scheduled on 5 December 2000 at 5.30pm (for 6.00pm start), in Melbourne.

DK authorised to finalise the Call for Nominations and associated documents and publish them shortly.

12. Constitution

Motion (proposed DT, seconded GW): That a resolution be put to the AGM which would allow remuneration for independent Directors. Carried.Action: CEO to investigate legal implications and determine wording for the resolution.

13. Membership Officer's Report

No new requests were reported.

14. Publicity Officer's Report

MH had 3 major interviews / contacts, summarised below:

A media interview with David Elias of Fairfax. Auda wasn't an issue in the article.

A media interview with Simon Hayes of the Oz re the submissions to ICANN for new gTLDs.

MH also followed up with a phone call and an email to the ALP staffer who was sending around emails on the government's electronic addressing legislation.

Publicity officer changed from MH to CD, effective 16/10/2000.

15. Government Endorsement

Motion (proposed GC, seconded DT): The document as amended is to be sent to NOIE. Carried. Action: GW.

16. ICANN March Meeting

GC reported on ICANN meeting March 10-13 in Melbourne, with host committee chaired by Tony Hill.

17. Other business

The Chair is authorised to sign the CEO workplace agreement.

18. Next meeting

November 6th, 1pm, in Melbourne.