Board Minutes - 6 November 2000

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

6 November 2000 - 1.00pm
Melbourne IT. Level 2, 120 King Street. Melbourne VIC 3000

Chris Chaundy, Greg Crew, Kim Davies, Kevin Dinn, Chris Disspain (CEO), Kim Heitman, Mark Hughes, David Keegel (Secretary), Iain Morrison, David Thompson (Acting Chair), Erica Roberts

Craig Hand (CFO), Jo Lim and Michelle Scott

Greg Watson, Michael Malone and Tony Staley

1. Previous Minutes
Motion (proposed GC, seconded DK): That the Minutes of the October meetingare approved. Carried.

2. Continuous Disclosure
Nothing to report.

3. Name Policy Panel
Derek Whitehead reported to the Board. The aim is to have a stage 2 paper ready for public consultation shortly (by mid November). A joint meeting of key Name Panel and Competition Panel people for co-ordination of the two panels is planned for November 21.

CC arrived.

The first round of public consultation will likely have some open questions with arguments for and against different options.

4. Competition Panel

George Michaelson introduced David Lieberman (Co-Chair) and reported stages 1 and 2 are being reviewed. The plan is to have them released in early December.

5. Action Items should just be directed to the ceo, rather than the whole board.

6. CEO Report

CD tabled his CEO report.

Motion (proposed ER, seconded KDi): The Board authorises the CEO to advise members more than 3 months overdue in paying membership renewal fees that they will be in default on 30 November. Carried.

Action: CD to organise a lease for office space at 50 Queen St.

Motion (proposed KH, seconded CC): The resolution to change auDA's constitution to allow payment to independent directors is to be put to the AGM as a special resolution. Carried.

Motion (proposed DT, seconded KH): The resolution to allocate $35,000 for payment to independent directors is to be put to the AGM as an ordinary resolution. Carried.

7. CFO Report

Motion (proposed GC, seconded DT): The Board endorses the budget approved by the Finance & Audit sub-committee. Carried.

Motion (proposed ER, seconded GC): In the interim period until a Delegations of Authority document is approved, the CEO may enter into commitments in accordance with the budget. Carried.

8. Membership Officer's Report

CD reported on a number of applications received up to 5 November 2000.

Motion (proposed DK, seconded DT): That the following members are accepted in the classes indicated:
Click 'n Go (Supply)
Hotkey Internet Services (Supply)
Instra Pty Ltd (Supply)
LIST Pty Ltd (Supply)
Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd (Supply)
Primus Telecommunications (Australia) Pty Ltd (Supply)
Bruce Arnold (Demand)
Final Drafts Media (Demand)
James Blackmore (Demand)
John Dowell (Demand)
Jonathan Lawrence (Demand)
Nita Tapsas (Demand)
Patrick Corliss (Demand)
Peter Gerrand (Demand)
Tony Hill (Demand)
Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre Ltd ( Rep Assoc )
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Rep Assoc )
Small Business Coalition ( Rep Assoc )

9. Publicity Officer's Report

CD had an interview with ABC radio. An interview with LateLine is scheduled soon. CD to investigate having a Christmas Drinks event, possibly after the AGM.

MH was asked to talk at AIA (not representing auDA).

10. AGM

Action: CD to put out Notice of AGM (with help from DK).

Action: DK List of retiring Directors to be put on web site.


auDA to consider financial membership of ccTLD constituency and APTLD after/if auDA becomes the delegate for .au. This could be covered by the provision for ICANN fees in the budget.

12. Other business

CH to be added to Board list. CH to be removed from aunic list. Baker McKenzie staff to be removed from Board list.Change DT and ER email addresses on Board list.

Action: DK update board email list.

Motion (proposed DT, seconded ER): A vote of thanks to retiring directors.

13. Next meeting

Wednesday December 6th, 9:30am, in Melbourne. (The morning after the AGM.)