Board Minutes - 12 February 2001

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

12 February 2001 - 1.00pm
.au Domain Administration Limited. Level 7, 50 Queen Street. Melbourne VIC 3000

Chris Chaundy, Patrick Corliss, Kim Davies, Chris Disspain, Craig Hand, Kim Heitman, David Keegel, Jo Lim, Michael Malone, Iain Morrison, Tony Staley, Greg Watson

Liz Williams

Nikki Vajrabukka (NOIE)

Greg Crew, Erica Roberts and David Thompson

1. Continuous Disclosure

MM advised that he has been appointed to the WA State Training Board, and that his company has entered into a joint venture with an ICANN-accredited registrar.

Further to his email to the board, PC advised that there is a possibility that his company may want to apply for a new 2LD under the new regime.

The board re-affirmed that directors should exclude themselves from participating in decisions that may give rise to a conflict of interest.

2. Confirmation of Minutes

Motion (proposed DK, seconded MM): That the minutes of the December meeting are approved. Carried. Motion (proposed DK, seconded TS): That the public minutes of the September, October and November meetings are approved subject to suggested changes being made. Carried.

3. Report from Chair of the Name Policy Advisory Panel

DW reported that the Panel last met on 30 January and intends to release its second public consultation report by 16 February. The Panel has agreed on recommended changes to domain name licence eligibility requirements, however it is still tentative about some of the recommended changes to domain name allocation policies. The two contentious issues for the Panel are the derivation rule and generic domain names. With regard to the latter, the Panel has not yet reached a consensus view but is aware of the need to take a firm position in its final report. The Panel intends to address the transitional issues associated with opening up generic names, but notes that practical implementation is the role of auDA.

The board approved a 3 month extension to the Panel’s Terms of Reference, asking the Panel to investigate and report on: “Those second level domains which should be created upon the commencement of competition, and particularly as a means of remedying pressing problems in the current Australian DNS which have been highlighted as part of the policy review process; and the means by which public consultation should be undertaken and decisions made.” The Panel will commence work on new 2LDs after it makes its final report to the board in April.

4. Report from Chairs of Competition Model Advisory Panel (by teleconference)

GM and DL reported that the Panel intends to release its first public consultation report by 16 February. The report identifies five levels of activity in the domain name services market – policy, registry, registrar, reseller and registrant. There is a good convergence of views among the Panel on the policy, registrar, reseller and registrant level. The Panel is not in agreement over the issue of single registry versus multiple registries and will put both models forward in the report. The Panel has attempted as much as possible to separate the core and non-core elements of the registry function. The Panel is aware of the need to align its recommendations with those of the Name Panel, and the recommended competition model will take account of the new domain name policy environment, in terms of the need for manual policy compliance checks and the introduction of new 2LDs.

5. CFO Report

The CFO tabled the financial statements for December 2000 and January 2001.

Action: TS, GW, CD and CH will meet to consider auDA’s future legal services arrangements.

6. Redelegation of .au

The board agreed that it is critical for auDA to secure the redelegation of .au from IANA as soon as possible. There was consensus to proceed along the following lines:
1. Email Robert Elz with package of material for IANA and request his agreement to transfer the delegation. 2. Three possible outcomes:
a. Robert agrees – proceed to IANA.
b. Robert does not agree and specifies what needs to be done to gain his agreement – undertake required tasks (if possible) and go back to Robert for agreement – proceed to IANA.
c. Robert does not respond – approach Government for assistance – proceed to IANA.
3. In the case of 2a and 2b, the IANA process is likely to take 3-4 months. In the case of 2c, the IANA process is likely to take 6-7 months.

7. Dispute Resolution

The CEO advised that a small working group will be established to develop a dispute resolution framework to handle disputes about domain name policy, and disputes about domain name service provision.

8. Funding for Competition Model

The board noted that the transition to competition will require additional funding that has not yet been sourced. A number of possible options were discussed.

Action: auDA staff will investigate funding options to cover the costs of transition to competition.

9. Membership

Motion (proposed DK, seconded CC): That the members listed below are accepted in the classes indicated. Carried.

Blake Robertson (demand)
Catherine Coorey (demand)
RegistrarsAsia Pty Ltd (supply) VICNET (supply)

10. ICANN and ccTLD Policy

The CEO advised that Robert Elz has agreed that auDA can act as the .au representative for the purposes of ICANN. Arrangements are being made to admit auDA as a member of the ccTLD constituency. In relation to the current conflict between ICANN and the ccTLD constituency, the board agreed that auDA should take a moderate position and work with both parties to facilitate an acceptable solution to the problem. The board agreed that directors may be reimbursed for attendance at ICANN (according to usual reimbursement guidelines).

Action: The CEO will coordinate the attendance of auDA directors and staff at ICANN meetings.

11. Transfer of IP networks to APNIC

APNIC is preparing to take over the legacy IP addresses from AUNIC, in May 2001.

Action: The CEO will contact Paul Wilson at APNIC to discuss a joint announcement.

12. Next Meeting

The next board meeting will be held at the auDA office on Monday 9 April, 12pm.