Board Minutes - 17 June 2002

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

17 June 2002 - 1.00pm
.au Domain Administration Limited. 107 Faraday Street. Carlton VIC 3053

Chris Chaundy, Patrick Corliss, Greg Crew, Peter Dean, Chris Disspain, Kim Heitman, David Keegel, Jo Lim, Michael Malone, Josh Rowe, Tony Staley and Liz Williams

Michelle Scott (NOIE) and John Higgins (Hayes Knight)

Kim Davies, Peter Nissen and Greg Watson

1. Continuous Disclosure

PC advised that he has submitted a proposal for a new 2LD,

2. Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the April 2002 meeting were approved.

3. Finance Report The Finance Committee approved the finance report prior to the meeting.

4. 2002-2003 Budget

The board approved the 2002-2003 Budget, noting that the Budget will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains relevant throughout the next 12 months.

The board noted that the auction of generic domain names is a one-off event and therefore should not be considered part of auDA's ongoing income. At the end of the auction process, auDA will determine how to allocate the generics auction proceeds. The board agreed that it would be prudent to allocate at least part of the proceeds to a contingency fund.

The board agreed that it would not consider reducing auDA's Domain Name Fee until the end of the first 12 months of the new regime. Until auDA has more information about the effect of the new regime on the market and future domain name growth trends, it is not possible for auDA to determine its ongoing income and expenditure.

5. CEO Report

The CEO gave a progress report on the generics auctions and transition to the new regime. The board also received a progress report from AusRegistry about the status of the new registry system.

The members listed below were accepted in the classes indicated, subject to checks by the CEO.

Karl Schaffarczyk (supply)
Net Dot Com Dot Au Pty Ltd (supply)
Ian Bergman (demand)

6. Policy Development

    Transfer of domain name licences between registrants

The board discussed the advantages and disadvantages of facilitating transfers of domain name licences between registrants. Some directors thought that allowing transfers would increase the value of domain names in the marketplace, while others thought that it might undermine the overall value of the .au domain space vis-a-vis the gTLDs.

Action: Directors to continue discussion on the board mail list, and auDA staff to draft an issues paper and recommendations for consideration at the next board meeting.

    New 2LDs

auDA received 15 new 2LD proposals. The board approved all 23 nominations for membership of the New Names Advisory Panel. The Panel will commence work in July and provide its final report to the board by the end of the year.

    Code of Practice

LW gave a progress report on Code of Practice development. The drafting committee released a draft Code for public comment on 7 June. The committee will take public feedback into account when finalising the Code for presentation to auDA for approval. Until the Code is finalised, auDA's Interim Code will continue to apply.

Action: auDA staff to update the Interim Code before go live, to include some sections of the draft Code.

7. Other Business

    Remuneration Review Committee

The board appointed a sub-committee of MM, GC and PD to review CEO remuneration.

    Membership Committee

The committee has been tasked with formulating proposals to address:

1. Structure of membership classes (including possible constitutional change)
2. Membership fees - including streamlined process (eg. online payment methods)
3. Budget implications of any benefits attaching to membership Action: Membership committee will meet in July to draft an issues paper and recommendations for consideration at the next board meeting.

    ICANN reform

NOIE advised that the Australian Government has proposed that ICANN be reformed along the lines of the auDA model.

8. Next Meeting

The next board meeting will be held on Monday 12 August 2002 at 12pm.