Board Minutes - 10 June 2003

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

10 June 2003 - 1.00pm
.au Domain Administration Limited. 107 Faraday Street. Carlton VIC 3053

Greg Crew, Ric da Paz, Peter Dean, Chris Disspain, Kim Heitman, David Keegel, Peter Nissen, Elspeth Ross, Josh Rowe, Peter Shilling and Tony Staley

Cheryl Langdon-Orr and Greg Watson

John Higgins (Hayes Knight) and Tom Dale (NOIE)

Kim Davies

1. Continuous Disclosure

GC advised that he is no longer on the Board of ERG.

2. Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the April 2003 meeting were approved. There were no matters arising from the April meeting.

3. Finance Report

The board noted the finance report, previously approved by the Finance Committee. Three items were noted:

    auDA has received tax exempt status
    auDA’s web site is being redesigned to meet best practice
    there is a significant increase in the allocation for education and media.

The 2003/04 budget was tabled. There was discussion about whether a draft of the budget should be published for comment prior to it being approved by the board. The board did not think this was appropriate but agreed to publish a summary of the budget once it was approved.

Motion (proposed GC, seconded KH): That the board approve the 2003/04 budget. Carried.

Action: auDA staff to publish a summary of the budget on the web site.

Action: auDA staff to establish an advisory committee to make recommendations on the use of the Education and Media budget. The committee will include registrar representatives.

4. CEO Report The following issues were noted:

AUNIC/ site was closed on Friday 6 June. AICTEC is due to go live on 12 June but they have not published their policies or procedures on their site to date.

NOIE is currently reviewing arrangements particularly to include more involvement with the states and territories. The Technical Committee will report on the status of and

It was noted that there needs to be consistency between the 2LDs.


Now that is being moved to AusRegistry, the future of AUNIC needs to be determined.

5. Matters Arising from the Registrars Conference

An issues paper has been prepared by registrars.

Action: PS to circulate the paper to the board as soon as possible.

Action: auDA staff to prepare a formal response to registrars, including the points discussed below.

The Supply Class directors raised the following issues:

    auDA Foundation

Concern: The basis of the Foundation is not understood and its objectives are not stated.

Reponse: Once the Trust Deed has been settled, it will be published on the web site accompanied by its objectives and an explanatory paper. However it was made clear that the Foundation was to be funded from monies raised from the generic names auctions and that (with the possible exception of domain name fees from names) there is no intention that auDA’s $10 domain name fee would be paid into the Foundation on an ongoing basis.

Action: The trust deed to be finalised and published as soon as possible thereafter.

    Board Transparency

Concern: Greater transparency of the board is requested.

Response: The board agenda will be published on the web site and the minutes of meetings will be published in a timely fashion.

Action: auDA staff to publish the board agenda and minutes on the web site.

    Supply Class Representation on the Board

Concern: Registrars are concerned about how vacancies are filled.

Response: The board is constrained by the constitution in relation to mid-term board appointments.

Action: A constitution committee (CLO, RdP, DK & GW) has been formed to review the constitution in relation to board appointments.

    Policy Reviews

Concern: There is no clear roadmap for policy reviews.

Response: There was lengthy discussion regarding policy review and whether all policies should be reviewed as a matter of course or only reviewed when there is stimulus to do so and whether reviews should be conducted by panels or not.

Action: auDA staff to consider setting up a policy review panel at some stage within the next 12 months and make a call for submissions on which policies should be reviewed. Following further discussion, the board noted in particular that all relevant parties need to have input into policy issues.

6. Policy Development

A position paper on open and closed second level domains was presented to the board. It was unanimously agreed to endorse the paper and to accept the New Names Advisory Panel\'s recommended Process for Future Consideration of New 2LDs (modified to reflect the position paper).

It was noted that all proposals received for 2LDs would be published on the web site.

Action: auDA staff to publish the position paper and Panel report on the web site.

7. Membership

The members listed below were accepted in the classes indicated.

Anchor Systems Pty Ltd (supply)
Information Technology Services, The University of Queensland (supply)

8. Board correspondence

There was no correspondence to the board.

9. Other Business

    auDA Moving Forward Report by Jane Fenton

The report was tabled, discussed generally and approved.

Action: auDA staff to publish the report on the web site.

    IANA database entry for .au.

Action: auDA staff to notify IANA that “” is the central .au whois server.

10. Next Meeting The next board meeting will be held on Monday 11 August 2003, at 10am.

10 June 2003