Board Minutes - 15 April 2005

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

15 April 2005 - 10.00am
.au Domain Administration Limited. 107 Faraday Street. Carlton VIC 3053

Larry Bloch, Greg Crew, Chris Disspain, Kim Heitman, Jo Lim, Elspeth Ross, Josh Rowe and Tony Staley

Kim Davies, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Bennett Oprysa, Peter Shilling and Greg Watson

Andrew Maurer (DCITA) and John Higgins (Hayes Knight)

Peter Nissen

1.       Continuous Disclosure

There were no matters to be disclosed.

2.       Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the February 2005 meeting were confirmed.

3.       Finance Report

The board noted the March accounts approved by the Finance Committee.

The board discussed the draft 2005/06 budget, previously approved by the Finance Committee.

The board accepted the Expenses and Income Projection which produced a surplus of approximately 12-months operating costs.

Motion (proposed GC, seconded KH): That the board approve the 2005/06 budget.   Carried.

Action:  auDA staff to publish a summary of the budget on the web site.

The finance committee presented a report on the domain name fee review.  It was confirmed that one of auDA’s objectives is to reduce the auDA domain name fee and the finance committee suggested that this reduction be based on the operating surplus.  The board agreed that a surplus of approximately 12-months operating expenses was prudent and therefore the auDA domain name fee can be reduced to $5.50.  The board agreed a review should be undertaken every 6-months to ensure that actual income and expenses tracks correctly.

Motion (proposed GC, seconded JR): That the board approve a $2.00 reduction in the auDA Domain Name Fee from $7.50 to $5.50 to be implemented on 1 May 2005.  Carried

Action: CEO to issue media release in relation to the auDA Domain Name Fee reduction.

4.       CEO Report

The following issues were noted:

    Communication Strategy

A proposal for auDA's communication strategy was presented the board. It was generally accepted that the strategy was the correct way for auDA to move forward. The board requested that the finance committee periodically review the expenditure side of the strategy during its roll out.

    Geographic names in and

The registry is developing the necessary software and registrars have it available in the OTE for testing. The board confirmed that the auDA fee for these names would be $750.00 (plus GST) and that those names not taken up in the initial round would just be released at a date to be determined.

    Technical Specification

The draft technical specification was released on 31/03/05. The board suggested that the technical committee be review the specification. It was noted that no members of AusRegistry that sit on that committee be involved.

5.       Membership Applications

The member below was accepted in the class indicated:

LemonStone Group Pty Ltd (Demand)

6.       Board Correspondence

Correspondence was received from Domain Directors concerning auDA’s objection to a trademark application.

7.       Other Business

There was no other business.

8. Next Meeting

The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 June 2005 in Sydney at Maddocks Office, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney.

Board meetings commence at 10am.