27 July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

27 July 2016 – 6.00pm

RACV Club, Bourke Street, Melbourne

Present: Stuart Benjamin (Chair), Tony Staley, Erhan Karabardak, Miguel Wood, George Pongas, Kartic Srinivasan, Simon Johnson (by telephone) and Grant Wiltshire (by telephone)

Observer:  Peter Waite (Intersearch), and Cameron Boardman (only present during dinner)

Apologies: Julie Hammer, Joe Manariti


1. Agenda Item 1 - CEO Candidate Interview/Dinner

Peter Waite discussed the recruitment process and the methodology that had been adopted to arrive at the CEO Candidates.

Peter Waite provided the board with the CEO Candidates referee checks, CV and position description (as developed by the Board)

The Board then invited Cameron Boardman to join the meeting for dinner. The board asked Cameron Boardman various questions, and noted his responses and comments.

Cameron Boardman left the room.

8:55pm The Board recommenced its deliberations on the CEO Candidate.

Board members discussed their views on Cameron Boardman and points about his strengths and the future.  Both Miguel Wood and Erhan Karabardak advised that they knew of Cameron from his days in the Victorian Parliament and attested to his character and professionalism.

Tony Staley talked about the qualities of the CEO, and in particular what auDA requires of Cameron Boardman.

Peter Waite outlined the terms of the offer and the contract.

Stuart Benjamin stressed the importance of a performance bonus being part of the package, to ensure the CEO performed.


The Board resolve to appoint Cameron Boardman as CEO of auDA, and the Board authorises the Chairman to enter into the contract of employment with Cameron Boardman.

Moved: Stuart Benjamin

Seconded: Tony Staley

Simon Johnson expressed support for the board’s decision but decided to abstain.

Resolution Carried

The board authorised the Chairman to issue a press release once the offer has been accepted by Cameron Boardman.

Meeting Closed 9:17pm