The auDA Foundation – One of a Kind

Posted by Jenelle Backman on 11 February 2011

There are many types of foundations in Australia; private foundations established by individuals, family foundations, government initiated foundations, community foundations and corporate foundations that receive income or grants from profit making companies.

Philanthropy Australia estimates that there are over 3000 foundations in Australia giving between half a billion and one billion dollars per annum.

All foundations have a raison d’être and donate money (grants) for general purposes (one end of the scale) to very specific purposes (the other end of the scale).  An example of one end of the scale is the well-known Ian Potter Foundation which makes grants for general charitable purposes in Australia.  It describes its grant giving as providing grants that advance knowledge and benefit the community in the areas of the arts, community wellbeing, education, environment and conservation, health, medical research and science.

Another well-known foundation is the McGrath Foundation founded by Jane McGrath, wife of Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath. The purpose of the McGrath Foundation is at the other end of the scale and that is to raise money to place breast care nurses in communities right across Australia and to educate young women to become breast aware.

In a similar vein, the auDA Foundation has a very specific purpose.  It provides grants to eligible entities for:

Projects that are delivered utilising the functionality of the Internet, such as:

  • Moderated forums
  • Online surveys
  • Training and educational programs
  • Data collection and dissemination

Academic research into Internet related technologies, such as:

  • New protocols that address social and environmental needs
  • Security issues
  • Reducing or eliminating spam
  • Enhanced consumer protection safeguards

Of course, the projects must benefit the Australian community whether those communities are in the cities, regional areas or located in remote parts of Australia.

We believe the grants provided by the auDA Foundation are unique in grant making in Australia.

The latest funding round opened on 1 February and will close on Friday 18 March 2011 5:00pm EDT.

Please see the auDA Foundation website for further information.