Welcome to the auDA blog!

Posted by Chris Disspain on 20 September 2010

Welcome to the auDA blog!

We hope that you enjoy our blog or, if enjoying it is a bit of a stretch, that it will at least provide some useful information.

As the manager of the ‘.au’ internet space, our role involves a whole range of responsibilities, including the development and enforcement of policies about the allocation and registration of domain names in .au,  accrediting ‘registrars’ to sell .au domain names and ensuring the security and stability of the domain name system in Australia.

It’s all quite obscure and rarely, if ever, used as the plot for an episode of Underbelly. So, we thought a blog might provide a lighter, more digestible means of informing you about who we are, what we do and how we can help you.

Over the coming months, all of us at auDA will populate this blog with posts about aspects of our operations such as policy development and regulatory compliance as well as our outreach initiatives: the auDA Foundation, Internet Best Practice Awards and Community Geographic Domain Names.   

We’ll also throw in a blog or two about any global developments that are either interesting or relevant (and in some cases possibly both interesting AND relevant)!

If we manage to achieve our goal to give you a clearer understanding about auDA, .au and the operation of the Internet in general please tell us by emailing blog@auda.org.au. You can also use that address to suggest a blog topic or send us any feedback.

Chris Disspain