A new domain name environment for Australia

Posted by Jo Lim on 16 February 2001

auDA’s two Advisory Panels have released public consultation reports proposing changes to domain name policy, and a model for introducing competition in the provision of domain name services in Australia.

In its second public consultation report, auDA’s Name Policy Advisory Panel has refined its proposals in relation to two important questions – who is eligible to obtain a domain name in the .au domain space, and what domain name can they have?

"The Name Panel has carefully considered all comments received in response to its November 2000 report, and has re-visited its approach to some key policy issues, including the so-called ‘derivation rule’ and ‘generic’ domain names", said Panel Chair, Derek Whitehead.

The Name Panel invites further comment on its proposals, ahead of making its final recommendations to the auDA Board in April 2001.

auDA’s Competition Model Advisory Panel is also inviting comments on its first public consultation report, which outlines a possible model for competition in the provision of domain name services.

"The Panel has developed a number of proposals aimed at promoting a robust domain name services market that supports greater consumer choice, lower prices and better quality of service", said Panel Co-Chair, David Lieberman.

"The main issue under consideration is whether the long-term interests of Internet users are best served by a single registry model, or a multiple registries model", said Panel Co-Chair, George Michaelson.

"auDA welcomes the Panels’ reports and strongly encourages everyone with an interest in domain names in Australia to read the reports and make a submission," said auDA CEO, Chris Disspain.

"We look forward to receiving feedback from the Australian community about the way in which the .au domain space should be managed, for the benefit of all domain name holders and Internet users."

Both Panel reports are available on the auDA web site at http://www.auda.org.au or phone 03 9226 9495.

The closing date for public submissions is Friday 16 March 2001.

For further information about the Name Panel report, contact Derek Whitehead on phone 03 9214 8333 or 0412 996 025 or email dwhitehead@swin.edu.au

For further information about the Competition Panel report, contact David Lieberman on phone 0407 227 686 or email lieberman67@hotmail.com or George Michaelson on phone 07 3365 4310 or email (preferred) ggm@dstc.edu.au

16 February 2001