Announcing the Consultation Model Working Group

Posted by auDA on 14 May 2018

auDA is pleased to announce that a Consultation Model Working Group (CMWG) has been formed to help ensure community-wide consultation for changes to the .au namespace.

The CMWG’s main focus is to develop a model of consultation that ensures all auDA members and wider stakeholders of the .au namespace have a chance to provide feedback on the constitutional changes auDA needs to make to meet the Australian Government’s new Terms of Endorsement.

The working group consists of representatives from around Australia from both city and rural areas and includes auDA Demand and Supply Members, small business owners and other industry experts.

  • Kevin Clark
  • Ben Carroll
  • Ian Halson
  • Peter Tonoli
  • Dr. Madeleine Roberts
  • Steve de Mamiel
  • P R Khangure
  • Sean Fogarty
  • Debbie Monahan
  • Chris Joseph
  • Desiree Lyall
  • Sally Rodgers
  • Nikki Scholes
  • Anne Hurley
  • Marty Drill
  • Keith Besgrove


The working group is a reflection of auDA’s commitment to a multi-stakeholder model of management for the .au namespace. I am confident this working group will be instrumental in creating a consultation model that enables all parts of the digital economy to have their say on these important issues.

The group meets this week in Melbourne and will meet weekly to develop a refine a robust consultation model.