.au Delegated to auDA

Posted by Jo Lim on 3 September 2001

Melbourne, 3 September 2001 - The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA), the international body for the Internet domain names system will delegate responsibility for the .au domain to auDA. The decision clears the way for a number of reforms proposed by auDA.

auDA CEO, Chris Disspain, said, "This is a significant milestone for the Australian Internet community. auDA will take over management of the .au space from Mr Robert Elz, who has held administrative responsibility for the domain since 1985."

"The IANA's decision recognises it's now time to move to a different arrangement for administration of .au, one that reflects the changing role of the Internet in community and business life in Australia."

auDA will begin implementing its key initiatives for domain management over the next few weeks. These include introduction of competition in domain name registration, changes to the names policy, and the introduction of an Australian domain name dispute resolution process.

"Once the delegation process is completed, auDA will have overall responsibility for the .au domain. This means we need to promote greater awareness of its value as the first choice of address for all Australians. We also need to put in place a framework that will sustain the domain commercially," said Chris Disspain.

"The delegation of .au domain space to auDA will ultimately mean a more transparent, simpler and cost-effective registration process for businesses and consumers. auDA's reforms will bring a greater level of consumer protection and add further value to the .au domain.

"auDA recognises the importance of the part Robert Elz has played in administration of the .au domain since 1985. Mr Elz pioneered the Internet in Australia and has been a key figure in the development of the Australian Internet industry. He deserves to be recognised as a visionary and as a person deeply committed to responsible management of the .au domain. We acknowledge the support of the Australian Government and the Internet community throughout the re-delegation process," Chris Disspain said.


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