.au Survey 2016 finding released

Posted by Helen Hollins on 2 November 2016

A survey of more than 3,000 respondents has revealed more than two-thirds would register a .au domain if setting up a new website.

AusRegistry and the .au Domain Administration (auDA) have today released the findings of the fourth annual .au survey, used to gauge Australian sentiment towards the .au namespace and how people interact with it. 

This year’s findings support previous results as well as presenting shifts in sentiment and domain adoption. 

AusRegistry Senior Director George Pongas said the survey was designed to better understand the Australian Internet user and their relationship with the .au domain namespace.

 “It is not surprising that in its 30 years of operation, .au has become one of the most established and successful ccTLDs,” Mr Pongas said. 

“As a namespace it not only sits as one of the most popular ccTLDs, having ranked in the top ten for domains under management for a number of years, it is a namespace that continually strives to innovate and to safeguard its users.

“On behalf of AusRegistry I would like to thank auDA and the Australian Internet community for their support and assisting us with this important research into the .au namespace.” 

auDA CEO Cameron Boardman said a thorough understanding of market place needs and regular tracking of how to meet the expectations of stakeholders were central to the future strategic plans for auDA and the .au domain namespace.

“The .au research findings, conducted by AusRegistry, constitute some of the tools we reference, when we review and aim to improve the services we deliver to the Australian digital community,” Mr Boardman said.

“It’s an important time in the .au landscape.  Continuing to seek feedback which can offer us a more comprehensive insight, will be critical for the ongoing success and relevance of .au.”

The .au survey was conducted in July 2016 and received a total of 3,011 responses.

Questions were based on previous surveys and covered the major themes of Demographics, Online Behaviour and Communications, Online Presence, Australians and Domains, and Australians and .au Domains.  

For the full report, go to: https://ausregistry.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/BTD_Issue_9.pdf 

Fast Facts

  • 58% of domain holders surveyed have a .au domain name.
  • People chose to register a .au domain name because it is the ‘most popular domain type in Australia’ and ‘best represents Australian organisations’.
  • .au domains are mostly used for a business website and email.
  • More than 80% of respondents used social media. Facebook remains the top choice at 69%.


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