auDA approves Competition Model for .au

Posted by Jo Lim on 12 July 2001

The auDA Board has approved the final report of the Competition Model Advisory Panel, which recommends a model for the introduction of competition in the provision of domain name services in the .au domain.

The main features of the competition model are:

  • open tender process, to be administered by auDA, for provision of registry services for .au second level domains (2LDs)
  • registry tenderers able to bid for all, some or one of the 2LDs
  • registrars to be accredited by auDA
  • registrars able to sell domain names in all 2LDs
  • technical standards to be imposed on registry
  • consumer safeguards to be imposed on registrars and resellers.

Under the model, auDA will no longer operate the AUNIC registry, but will continue to provide some services in the public interest (for example, the WHOIS domain name look-up service). auDA will also be responsible for regulating industry conduct, including matters such as renewal notices and advance payment of fees.

"auDA is confident that the model recommended by the Panel will deliver the benefits of competition to all Australian domain name holders – cheaper prices, more choice and better quality of service," said auDA CEO, Chris Disspain.

"The model will provide certainty for industry and consumers alike, by ensuring a level playing field and setting accepted standards of behaviour."

"auDA would like to thank the Panel, especially Panel Co-Chairs George Michaelson and David Lieberman, for their efforts in completing this milestone in the ongoing development of Australia’s domain name system."

auDA is aiming to implement the Panel’s recommendations by the end of the year. A full implementation plan and timetable will be published on the auDA web site shortly.

The Panel's report is available on the auDA web site at or phone 03 9226 9495.

For further information contact Chris Disspain on phone 03 9226 9495 or 0412 920 408 or email

12 July 2001