auDA considers new domain names for Australia

Posted by Jo Lim on 20 April 2010

Melbourne, 20 April 2010 – auDA is currently considering whether to create new second level domains (2LDs) in domain space, alongside existing 2LDs like and

auDA’s New 2LDs Advisory Panel, chaired by Derek Whitehead of Swinburne University, has released a discussion paper inviting public comments on two matters:

  • new 2LDs in general; and
  • specific suggestions for creating new 2LDs or changing existing 2LDs.

The Panel’s job is to evaluate proposals for two little-used existing 2LDs ( and and also proposals for two suggested new 2LDs ( and

“The Panel’s focus is on whether the creation of a new 2LD is in the public interest,” said Derek Whitehead. “The Panel is very keen to know what people think about new 2LDs and whether they would improve the Australian domain name system.”

“We encourage all Australians to contribute to the future development of their own domain space.”

The Panel’s discussion paper is available on auDA’s website at The closing date for comments is 23 May 2010.