auDA industry panel proposes "world-first" security standard - seeks community views

Posted by Tom Valcanis on 8 June 2012

The .au Domain Administration (auDA) 2012 Industry Advisory Panel has today proposed the introduction of a mandatory security standard for all existing and potential registrars in the .au domain space, a “world first” requirement.

The Panel has been tasked by the auDA Board to review the structure and regulation of the Australian domain name industry. The Panel is comprised of a range of industry stakeholders, and is part of the open and consultative mechanisms auDA uses to develop and refine policies for .au.
The Panel is considering the adoption of an auDA Information Security Standard (ISS) aimed at helping registrars to manage and improve the security of their businesses, as well as protecting the stability and integrity of the .au domain space.
The proposal is contained in a public Issues Paper, the first of two rounds of public consultation to be undertaken by the Panel.  

The Panel is also considering:

•    The best method for selecting and appointing a registry operator prior to the expiry of the current contract with AusRegistry Pty Ltd on 30 June 2014;
•    The accreditation of registrars, particularly with respect to overseas-based registrars; and
•    The status of resellers in .au and the possibility of permitting bulk reseller transfers and the listing of resellers in WHOIS.

”The Panel is reviewing a wide range of important issues and policies relating to the operation of Australia’s ‘.au’ namespace”, said the Panel’s independent Chair, Craig Ng.

“Our recommendations need to reinforce and promote .au’s positive reputation, ensure certainty of service provision and a level playing field for all industry participants and deliver the best value and protection for consumers. To help us do that, we need to receive as much community feedback as possible on what the future of the Australian domain name industry may look like.”

The Panel’s Issues Paper is available here. The closing date for submissions is Friday 20 July 2012.