auDA Launches Generic Domain Name Auction

Posted by Jo Lim on 18 December 2001

3,006 domain names like and are now available

Melbourne, 18 December 2001 - Australia’s Internet domain name industry regulator, the .au Domain Administration (auDA), today launched the auction process for 3,006 domain names previously classified as ‘generic’ and unavailable to Australian businesses.

Chris Disspain, CEO, auDA said, “Following a public policy review, auDA is lifting the prohibition on generic domain names in and making those names available to Australian businesses by way of auction.”

“The .au domain is a public resource that auDA is managing in the interests of all Australians. A market-based allocation system is the best option to prevent a “landrush” and ensure a fair and equitable outcome.”

auDA has contracted online auction house to manage the application and auction process. A list of available names has been published at"

Applicants must apply for the name of their choice through the web site. auDA will assess the eligibility of applicants based on the new policy, outlined on the application form.

If an applicant is the only eligible applicant for a particular name, they can reserve that name for a fee of $110 (inc. GST). There may be several eligible applicants for a name, in which case the name will be auctioned. Those eligible for participation will be notified of the date and time of their auction.

“auDA is concerned to give all Australian businesses, especially small businesses, an equal opportunity to secure these attractive domain names. The strict eligibility criteria will minimise the risk of large multinationals and domain name speculators buying up all the good names,” said Disspain.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2002.

Successful applicants will not be able to register and use their domain name until the new policy is introduced during the first half of 2002.

Any names that are not reserved or auctioned as part of this process will become available for registration on a “first come, first served” basis when the new policy is introduced.


For media contact:

Chris Disspain
Chief Executive Officer
tel: 03 9349 4711