auDA requests ICANN to redelegate .au

Posted by Jo Lim on 7 June 2001

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) has now commenced the formal process for management of the .au Country Code Top Level Domain to be re-delegated to auDA.

Prior to doing this, auDA formally asked the current delegate Mr. Robert Elz to agree to a re-delegation of .au to auDA. Mr. Elz has not responded.

As part of the formal process auDA has prepared information showing what it has achieved and what it would like to do if given responsibility for .au. auDA has sent these documents to Mr. Elz and asked for his comment. Mr. Elz has not responded.

auDA has now sent this information to ICANN with a formal request asking ICANN can investigate the possibility of re-delegating .au to auDA

As auDA understands it, the next step is for ICANN to ask Mr Elz for his response to the suggestion that .au could be re-delegated to auDA. Thereafter, actions will depend on Mr. Elz response, if any.

If Mr. Elz raises specific concerns, then auDA will be happy to discuss these with him.

The documents sent to ICANN will be posted on the auDA web site as soon as formal receipt has been received from ICANN. This is anticipated to be in the next couple of days.

ICANN is the technical coordination body for the domain name system. As such, it performs the IANA functions, which include the designation of country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) managers. ICANN has a defined process for re-delegation of ccTLD managers. That process begins when a request for re-delegation is submitted, and involves efforts at close cooperation with the ccTLD manager and Internet community to achieve a consensus resolution in the public interest. ICANN's ccTLD policies for ccTLD delegations focus on technical competence and the support of the local Internet community.