Call for nominations for election to the Board of Directors of auDA

Posted by Jo Lim on 25 September 2003

The election will take place at auDA's Annual General Meeting, to be held in late November 2003 in Sydney, subject to confirmation. AGM details will be announced in mid-October.

The Annual General Meeting will elect 4 Directors to the Board, to replace 5 Directors who must retire from the Board in accordance with auDA's Constitution (see below). The Directors elected will serve for a term of two years.

The vacancies that will become available are:

  1. one (1) Director elected only by the Supply Class Members;
  2. two (2) Directors elected only by the Demand Class Members;
  3. one (1) Director elected only by the Representative Association Class Members;

Retiring Directors (see below) may re-contest these vacancies.

People intending to stand for election to the Board of Directors should note that their signed nominations must be received by 5pm AEST, Friday 10 October 2003.

Membership of auDA is not strictly necessary for nominees seeking to become Directors, but candidates must be nominated and seconded by financial auDA members. Candidates who are financial members of auDA can nominate or second themselves.

Instructions for Standing for Election to the auDA Board

  1. Print the nomination form.
  2. Make sure you fill out the entire form and sign it.
  3. Make sure you get signatures from your proposer and seconder.
  4. Fax the form as instructed to 03 9349 5711.
  5. Do all of this by 5pm AEST, Friday 10 October 2003.

For more information, contact Jo Lim, Secretary of auDA at

auDA 2003 AGM - Directors Retiring by Rotation

The following 5 directors are retiring by rotation from the Board at the 2003 AGM, in accordance with clause 19.3 of auDA's Constitution.

Class Directors
Supply Peter Dean
Demand Kim Davies Josh Rowe
Rep Assoc    Peter Nissen
General David Keegel

Note: There will be no election for "General", in accordance with amendments to auDA's Constitution by special resolution at the Extraordinary General Meeting, 23 September 2002.