From the CMWG: Membership Model Consultation - 6 August 2018

Posted by CMWG on 23 July 2018

The CMWG is comprised of auDA members and stakeholders from the Australian community who were convened in May in response to the Australian Government’s review of auDA.

Central to the Government review is the requirement for a comprehensive reform of auDA’s membership model and governance. The CMWG is here to define and oversee the process of consultation with the auDA membership and wider Australian community.

The CMWG has been working hard to try and develop a new membership model that satisfies:

  • the federal government’s requirements;
  • auDA’s obligations under the Corporations Act;
  • auDA’s board and, of course;
  • auDA’s members.

The members workshop we held in Melbourne and online on 2 July was an incredibly helpful part of the process. As a result of this meeting we were able to recommend to the auDA board the outline of a model.

You can see the collated feedback from the first consultation here: Membership Options Review Workshop Conversation Tracker

The CMWG is now at the stage to invite members and other interested stakeholders to a second workshop that will take place in Melbourne on 6 August 2018.

We have once again brought in the facilitating services of ThinkPlace, whose work was universally praised following the first meeting. This time, the workshop will also be attended by representatives of auDA management and auDA’s board.

An agenda will be circulated next week.



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auDA Membership Model Consultation #2
La Trobe University City Campus
360 Collins St, Melbourne
Level 3, Room 3.04

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