From the PRP: Focus groups announced in relation to direct registration implementation policy

Posted by Policy Review Panel on 24 August 2018

The Chair of auDA’s Policy Review Panel, Mr John Swinson, today welcomed the formation of focus groups that will assist auDA's Policy Review Panel to finalise its recommendations regarding the policy for the implementation of direct registration in Australia.

Direct registration is registration of domain names directly before the dot au, for example,  At present in Australia, there is only one domain name registered at the second level, being  The auDA board has tasked the Policy Review Panel to make recommendations on an implementation model to open up direct registration of domain names at the second level to all Australians.

“The Panel desires input and feedback from as many Australians as possible, particularly those who believe they will be affected by the implementation of direct registration,” said Mr Swinson.  “The purpose of the focus groups is to gain specific feedback in relation to the draft direct registration implementation policy, before the proposed model is released for broader public feedback.”

The Panel wants this to be a real and meaningful consultation process.  A professional facilitator will run the focus groups and will report back to the Panel.

It is intended that 3 to 4 focus groups will be established.

The first focus group will commence in September 2018 and will be convened by Robert Kaay and will seek consultation from domain name investors.

"Direct .AU Registration has been the most polarising issue facing the domainer and domain investor communities since it was publicly approved to go ahead by auDA on the 18th April, 2016,” said Mr Kaay. “In forming the new Domain Investor Working Group, I believe we have a very strong group of 8 members who have been specifically chosen for their extensive experience as well-known and respected professional domain investors. We look forward to providing our collective feedback to the Policy Review Panel on their Direct Registration implementation policy, before it’s released to the broader public for feedback.”

The other focus groups will be established shortly, with reports due by the end of October.  These focus groups will include registrars, business owners and digital business groups.