From the auDA Chair: Apology From Mr Josh Rowe

Posted by auDA on 24 August 2018

A former director of auDA – Mr Josh Rowe – has today published a full retraction and apology in the Australian Financial Review (page 9) regarding his recent comments.

Good people, with good intentions and driving passion, will inevitably disagree on some important matters when it comes to internet governance. However, Mr Rowe stepped over the line of civil debate that is at the heart of the multi-stakeholder model.

We accept his apology.

Our focus remains building auDA 2.0 with a robust membership model and governance arrangements that improve the reliability and integrity of the .au namespace. These reforms are both necessary and overdue to ensure that trust remains a hallmark of websites ending in “.au” and to protect the interests of the entire Australian Internet community.

Chris Leptos AM
Independent Chair
.au Domain Administration Ltd

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