Information about Australian Style Pty Ltd trading as Bottle Domains

Posted by Janelle Backman on 26 July 2010

Information for people who have registered their domain name through Bottle Domains

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On 26 July 2010, auDA terminated the accreditation of Australian Style Pty Ltd trading as Bottle Domains due to a serious breach of its obligations under the Registrar Agreement (see auDA Media Release 26/07/10 ).

Please note that your domain name is NOT at risk. Your domain name will continue unaffected until the expiry date.

In order to renew your domain name before it expires, or make any changes to it in the meantime, you need to transfer it to a new registrar of record.

If your domain name is managed by someone else (eg. your web host), then you should contact them for assistance. If you manage your own domain name, then please follow the instructions below.

How to transfer to a new registrar

Step 1: Get your Domain Name Password

To transfer your domain name you will need to know your Domain Name Password. As a security measure, your Domain Name Password was changed by auDA when Bottle Domains’ accreditation was terminated.

You should have received an email from auDA with your new Domain Name Password. If not, you can recover your Domain Name Password by going to the auDA Recover Password tool at and following the instructions.

Step 2: Select an auDA accredited registrar

Registrars are accredited by auDA and their job is to manage the domain name and renew it for you. You must select a registrar from the list of auDA Accredited Registrars at

There is no charge for simply transferring to a new registrar. You will only be charged if your domain name needs to be renewed at the same time that you transfer. Service offerings and renewal fees vary between registrars, so we recommend that you shop around before making your choice.

Once you have chosen a registrar you will need to contact them and give them your Domain Name Password. They will do the rest. Transferring your domain name from auDA to another registrar will take immediate effect, as soon as the registrar processes the transfer at the registry.

PLEASE NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to transfer your domain name and renew it before the expiry date.

Even if your domain name is not due to expire for a while, transferring your domain name now will ensure that your details are up to date and that you can easily renew your domain name when the time comes.

Information for resellers of Bottle Domains

If you were a reseller of Bottle Domains and require assistance transferring your business to another registrar, please contact auDA.