Mass mail out by Domain Names Australia Pty Ltd

Posted by Jo Lim on 28 August 2003

On the weekend of 23 and 24 August Domain Names Australia Pty Ltd (DNA) mailed over 400,000 letters headed "Domain Name Registration" to businesses, schools, government agencies, non-profit organisations and individuals in Australia offering to "facilitate" a domain name registration on their behalf.

In auDA’s opinion the communication could be misleading or deceptive and consumers should note:-

  • Despite appearances to the contrary, the letter is NOT an invoice.
  • A two year licence for a domain name can cost under $100. DNA is seeking to charge $237.
  • DNA is neither an auDA Accredited Registrar nor an appointed reseller. A list of Accredited Registrars and appointed resellers is available at
  • Only auDA Accredited Registrars and their appointed resellers are bound to abide by the Code of Practice and auDA’s published policies.

auDA has issued legal proceedings against DNA and its Director Chesley Rafferty under the Trade Practices Act. These proceedings are a class action seeking refunds and damages on behalf of those members of the public who have been misled by the letter from DNA and made payments to DNA pursuant to the letter.

More information, including how to make a complaint to auDA and/or register to become a part of the class action can be found at

Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA