Melbourne IT mailout breached Registrar Agreement

Posted by Jo Lim on 30 March 2003

Melbourne, 30 March 2003 – auDA has found that a mailout to registrants by Melbourne IT Ltd breached the Registrar Agreement and was not in the spirit of the .au Domain Name Suppliers’ Code of Practice.

Melbourne IT sent out promotional letters on 18 and 19 February 2003 to over 1,500 registrants of .au domain names offering to assist them to transfer the registration of their domain names to Melbourne IT.

In sending the letter, Melbourne IT checked the AusRegistry database to find out the registrants' existing registrar of record. In addition, Melbourne IT used some envelopes marked 'Important Account Information'. This was incorrect as the mailout was a promotional letter which did not contain account information.

Melbourne IT has acknowledged that its actions breached the Registrar Agreement, and were not in the spirit of the .au Domain Name Suppliers' Code of Practice.

At auDA's request, Melbourne IT has sent a correction notice to each recipient of the letter, and posted a public notice on its web site at

Melbourne IT has also undertaken to auDA that it will review its systems and procedures and conduct training of relevant staff to ensure that Melbourne IT adheres to all its obligations in the .au Domain Name Suppliers' Code of Practice and Registrar Agreement.


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