Message from John Swinson, Policy Review Panel Chair: Interim Report, Domain Monetisation

Posted by John Swinson on 12 June 2018

Dear members and stakeholders,

I am pleased to present the Interim Report of the auDA Policy Review Panel. This report sets out the process undertaken, the progress made, and the work still to be done.

You can view the report here:

auDA Policy Review Panel Interim Report.

As you will see, the Panel has made steady and positive progress and will undertake further consultation on these policies in the coming months.


Clarification on domain monetisation

The PRP has received a number of questions regarding the minutes of the Policy Review Panel meeting of 1 May 2018 that referred to Domain Monetisation. The panel has issued a statement to clarify its thinking on domain monetisation policy.

Clarification from the Policy Review Panel

John Swinson
Chair, 2017 Policy Review Panel