New .au registrant transfers policy - implementation update 14/04/08

Posted by Jo Lim on 14 April 2008

The new registrant transfers policy will take effect on 1 June 2008.

In December 2007, the auDA Board approved a recommendation from the 2007 Names Policy Panel that the registrant transfers policy be relaxed to allow a registrant to transfer their domain name licence to another eligible entity, for any reason.

Key features of the new policy are as follows:

  • it will not be allowable to register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to a third party
  • registrants will not be able to transfer their domain name for the first 6 months after the initial registration (this does not apply to domain names that have been renewed or previously transferred)
  • after 6 months, registrants will be able to offer their domain name for sale/transfer by any means (eg. by listing the domain name for sale on a domain brokerage website, advertising the domain name for sale in a newspaper, or contacting a prospective buyer directly)
  • the new registrant must comply with normal eligibility and allocation rules
    registrant transfers will be processed by the registrar of record using a standard transfer form, and the registrar may charge a transfer fee
  • parties to a transfer will be asked to disclose the sale method and price, on a voluntary and confidential basis, so that auDA may collect aggregated statistical data to improve access to market information for buyers and sellers.

Until the new policy takes effect on 1 June 2008, the current Transfers (Change of Registrant) Policy (2004-03) continues to apply. auDA will continue to investigate complaints about transfers that breach this policy.