auDA has formally advised APrIGF that it is unable to host the 2017 APrIGF

Posted by Cameron Boardman on 8 November 2016

auDA has formally advised Mr Paul Wilson, Chair of APrIGF that it is unable to host the 2017 APrIGF, in Melbourne. 

The bid submitted to act as the 2017 host was done so without the consideration, evaluation or approval of auDA's board or executive management. There was no analysis of the financial implications, or of the potential benefits. 

After hosting the auIGF only last month in Melbourne, and recording record digital participation, the CEO and board of auDA has decided that hosting an almost exact same event in eight months time would not lead to any further benefits or outcomes for the community. 

The consistent message that auDA is receiving from its ongoing members consultation is that large, similar themed events hold little appeal and that smaller, more targeted and specifically themed events are of current interest. 

Therefore auDA will be reviewing its engagement strategy to identify and deliver more responsive and cost effective events to its members and stakeholders along with the broader community. 

auDA will be making further announcements regarding this in the near future.