Registry Transformation Project: Evaluation of REOI and next steps

Posted by auDA on 26 July 2017

The auDA Registry Transformation Project (RTP) Evaluation Committee have now completed a thorough review of responses to the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI). This process commenced in line with recommendation 1A (e) of the 2012 Industry Advisory Panel approved by the auDA Board in February 2013, stating that auDA should undertake a formal RFT process.

The intention of the REOI was an initial scoping exercise to:

  • enable auDA to clearly define the parameters of a subsequent restricted tender process in which respondents to this REOI may be invited to participate; and
  • assess potential suppliers and options to enable and support auDA in undertaking the RTP.

The REOI process is consistent with section 4.1 of the 2004 Registry Competition Review Panel recommendation, approved by the auDA Board in November 2004.

The auDA RTP team have evaluated the REOI responses and assessed the capabilities, benefits and risks of the proposed options for the next stage of the Tender project, in consultation with:

The RTP team have been very pleased with the strength of responses received and recommended to the auDA Board that auDA should proceed to the next stage of the project. The auDA Board subsequently resolved to undertake a formal Request for Tender (RFT) process. The RFT will be restricted to the respondents of the REOI with a scope to deliver an outsourced registry operation, based on auDA’s updated specifications, by July 2018.

PPB Advisory, Ernst & Young, JAS Global, Information Services Group (ISG) and PwC have been engaged to assist in developing the RFT documentation. KPMG will be engaged as the probity advisor for the RFT project.

At this stage, the indicative timeline for the project:

  • Posting of a draft, technical specification will occur in the week of 14 August 2017 for public comment
  • Request for tender – issued week of 28 August 2017 (RFT documentation will also be made available to the public)
  • Tender evaluation – throughout September/October 2017
  • Tender recommendation – October 2017
  • Contract negotiations – November 2017

auDA wishes to thank all respondents to the REOI, Registrars and Committee members for their professionalism, thoroughness and commitment so far. Central to the RTP is a solution that benefits the wider Australian digital community and to ensure a robust process, timings may be adjusted to ensure the best outcome for auDA and its stakeholders.