Should .au be opened up for direct registration?

Posted by on 20 April 2015

.au Domain Administration (auDA) is currently inviting comment on a public issues paper about the way .au domain names are allocated and used. The paper has been prepared by a Names Policy Panel consisting of nominated members of the Australian Internet community who have expressed interest in helping shape policy for the .au domain space.

The major issue being considered by the panel is whether auDA should allow second level direct registration of domain names under .au (eg., something that is recently available in New Zealand (.nz) and the United Kingdom (.uk), among other countries.

The panel chair, Derek Whitehead, Adjunct Professor - Swinburne University of Technology writes, "this is an important time in the evolution of .au domain space, therefore we invite the Internet community to have their say, at this very early stage, where no definitive consensus has yet been made. The Names Policy Panel’s progress so far has not only focussed on the second level registration under .au, but extends to other issues raised regarding auDA policies governing the allocation of .au domain names. We have identified issues raised and encourage public input, to ensure early consideration as the panel discussions take shape."

Comments can be submitted in two ways and the closing date is Monday 1 June, 2015. 

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