Statement from the auDA Board

Posted by Helen Hollins on 14 November 2016

As initiated by auDA's Governance Committee in early 2016, board effectiveness consultants Cameron Ralph were engaged to conduct a review of the performance of auDA's Board. After a period of extensive evaluation and consultation a final report was completed by Cameron Ralph's Managing Director, Phil Khoury who was previously Executive General Manager of the Australian Security and Investments Commission (ASIC).

This report and its 16 recommendations were considered and unanimously adopted by the auDA Board at its meeting on 10 October 2016, along with the CEO's comments. This report is now available along with the October 10 Board meeting minutes here.

The report's recommendations highlight a number of strategic and operational issues designed to improve auDA's Governance, organisational effectiveness and Board performance. The auDA Board will monitor the implementation of these recommendations at subsequent board meetings.

Consistent with recommendation number seven, the auDA Board today unanimously accepted the resignation of Stuart Benjamin as a Demand Class Director and subsequently appointed him as an Independent Director before reappointing him as Chair.