Third Party Platforms Offering .au Domain Name Registrations: Read The Fine Print

Posted by auDA on 16 July 2019

It’s important to understand what you’re getting when it comes to .au domain names offered by third party online platforms or services you might use to help run your business.

If the third-party platform offers to register a domain name for your business as part of a service for which you have a contract, they are eligible to hold the licence for that domain name.

e.g. A local restaurant uses a third-party online ordering and delivery platform, and as part of the service the ordering platform registers a domain name and sets up a website to help generate orders on the restaurant’s behalf.

If that contract is cancelled or ends without renewal the platform may still be eligible to hold the licence for that domain name, depending on the contract. It's a situation with the potential to be extremely disruptive for a business.

auDA advises all companies to carefully read the contracts for these kinds of services and understand how they apply to .au domain names during and after the life of the contract.