Update on auDA's Governance Reform

Posted by auDA on 22 November 2018

When auDA members voted in a new constitution at the Extraordinary General Meeting in September, they voted for big changes to the way auDA works.

These changes are wide reaching but necessary for auDA to ensure it can continue to the manage the .au namespace now and into the future.

auDA began its reform process in 2017 and the recommendations handed down by the government in April reinforced the direction auDA was taking.

Our six-month assessment

In October, auDA met with the Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA) for the formal six-month assessment of our progress implementing the review recommendations.

We’re extremely happy to say that the Minister is satisfied with our progress to date.


The development and adoption of a new constitution which closely reflects the Australian internet community’s needs and expectations was a significant part of implementing the government’s recommendations.

However, we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

The Nomination Committee and New auDA Board

The establishment of a Nomination Committee is a major change in the new constitution. Its role is to identify, scrutinise and approve board candidates for appointment and election against the Board Skills Matrix.

In October we held an Expression of Interest exercise to identify candidates for the Nomination Committee. We received a range of high-calibre responses and we’ve been working closely with our recruitment partner and DoCA to finalise the positions.

Once the Nomination Committee is in place, their first task will be to begin the process of assessing independent directors to the auDA board and selecting the candidates for the member elected board positions.

It’s hoped that the Nomination Committee will be in place before the end of Q1 2019 and the board shortly after.

Keep an eye on the auDA website for information about how we’re progressing.