Updates to Reserved Names List

Posted by auDA on 3 July 2019

auDA is seeking community feedback on some proposed additions to the Reserved Names List.

At its June 2019 meeting the auDA Board accepted a proposal from Australia's Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to reserve the following names at the .au 2nd level:

  • All domain names at the second level of .au that match a name in gov.au in the form <name>gov.au. 

    For example: ato.gov.au exists in gov.au, and the Board has reserved atogov.au .


Names Reserved for Future Use as Second Level Namespaces

auDA is seeking feedback on the DTA proposal that the following names be reserved for future use as second level namespaces:

nationalpark.au / nationalparks.au

archive.au / archives.au

parliament.au / parl.au

election.au / elections.au

mil.au / military.au

library.au / libraries.au

court.au / courts.au







Have your say

auDA is now inviting comments from Australia's internet community regarding the reservation of the above names for future use as second level namespaces.

You can email any feedback to policies@auda.org.au

Submissions close 5PM AEST 25 July 2019.