Who Gets What: Key Principles of .au Domain Name Allocation 09/01/2019

A look at some of the key principles which underpin the allocation of domain names.

What You Buy When You Buy a Domain Name (Licence) 10/12/2018

Why it's important to understand the 'licence' aspect of your domain name.

Why it’s important to keep your registrant data up to date 30/11/2018

Keeping registrant data up to date will help you avoid a business catastrophe.

Registry Transformation Project Update 15/03/2018

The Registry Transformation project is one of the biggest projects in the history of .au and it’s crucial for the future of the .au namespace. 

New Australasian Digital Cities Index will rank top cities for digital entrepreneurs 08/03/2018

The Australasian Digital Cities Index, sponsored bu auDA, will rank cities across Australia and NZ on their support for digital entrepreneurs.

Business and Consumer Tips 1.3: The Importance of Backing Up 12/12/2017

Imagine this: your computer has just crashed, turned off with no explanation. You turn it back on only to discover your operating system won’t boot — perhaps the hard drive...

Business and Consumer Tips - 1.2 Gone Phishing 11/07/2017

Operating online can open up a world of opportunities for businesses and individuals. But it can also open up users to a world of risk.

Root Zone KSK Rollover 08/05/2017

One of the internet’s most vital pieces of security infrastructure will soon be updated for the first time: ICANN is changing the Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK), a cryptographic...

Business and Consumer Tips - 1.1 Incidents: When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared 19/04/2017

The recent incident suffered with one of our registrars was a timely reminder that things can go wrong in the digital world.

Happy New Year from the CEO at auDA 16/01/2017

To our members: On behalf of the auDA staff and executive team, I’d like to welcome everyone back with fresh enthusiasm for 2017.

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