Advisory Panel Procedures published for comment

Posted by Jo Lim on 19 July 1999

Monday 19th July, 1999

On behalf of the Board of auDA, I am pleased to release auDA\\'s first draft policy paper, Advisory Panel Procedures, for public comment and consultation.

The purpose of this paper is to establish the processes and procedures which will ensure that the auDA policy development and recommendations process is open, transparent and responsive to community needs. A key feature of auDA\\'s proposed policy development process includes the creation of Advisory Panels which are representative of key interest groups, and a mandatory public consultation process.

The timeframe for comment is 21 days from the date of this statement and comments should be submitted no later than 6pm, Monday 9 August, 1999. Comments should be addressed to where they will be collated for consideration by a sub-committee of the Interim Board of auDA.

In the interests of ensuring that auDA processes are open and transparent, comment received will generally be published on the auDA web site.

Upon due consideration, the sub-committee will release a second draft. A further 14 days from the date of the publication of the second draft will be allowed for a second round of comment and consultation.

Having considered all public input, the committee will produce and submit a final report (and recommendations) to the auDA Board for its consideration.

I believe it is essential that auDA is responsive to community concerns and that it establish an open and transparent process for the development of policy relating to the development and administration of the .au domain space. I encourage and welcome your comment.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Malone

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