Advisory Panel Procedures

Posted by Jo Lim on 15 April 2000

Panel Procedures version 2.3 was officially approved by auDA effective from 14th April 2000. This version incorporated feedback from 6 public comments on the previous 2.1 version.

The purpose of this paper is to establish the processes and procedures which will ensure that the auDA policy development and recommendations process is open, transparent and responsive to community needs.

auDA's proposed policy paper, Panel Procedures version 2.1, was published on Thursday 23nd December, 1999 for a second and final round of public comment and consultation.

This period closed Friday 7th January, 2000 (although extensions of time up to an extra two weeks were granted to people requesting extensions within the original 15 day period).

Here is the introductory statement dated 23nd December 1999, calling for comments on version 2.1.

The proposed paper (v2.1) reflects comments made in the previous round of public consultation on the previous draft paper, Panel Procedures version 1.2.

The first request for comments was made in the Statement from the auDA Chair (18 July 1999)

David Keegel
Secretary, auDA

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