.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) teams up to support the global Internet Governance Forum

Posted by Helen Hollins on 6 May 2014

A group of Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) managers, including auDA, have teamed up to provide financial support for the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The group has committed a minimum total of US$100,000 per year for several years to ensure the global IGF continues to be a successful venue for discussing and resolving the issues the Internet will face as it grows and evolves. 

The announcement was made on 24 April  2014 at NETmundial, an international event held in Sao Paulo, Brazil to discuss the future of Internet governance.

auDA was represented at the meeting by its CEO, Chris Disspain.

“The Internet is currently at a critical stage in its evolution,” said Mr Disspain. “The structures for the Internet’s governance are changing. We are facing significant global changes, including adding two billion new users, primarily from the developing world.

Australia is joined in this funding agreement by counterparts from .CA (Canada), .DK (Denmark), .CN (China), .NL (Netherlands), .UK (United Kingdom), .BR (Brazil), and .MX (Mexico).

“As key Internet stakeholders, ccTLDs have both the responsibility to act as stewards for their national Internet resources and to facilitate international cooperation and dialogue,” said Mr Disspain. “We believe this agreed funding arrangement will provide stability and continuity for this important global forum.”

“Most importantly for Australia, the goals of the global IGF intersect with our own national discussion - the Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF) - where we are able to focus on issues that relate to us nationally and feed those views into the global agenda, to benefit all Australian Internet stakeholders.” 

An annual event, the auIGF is The Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF) is based on a global multi-stakeholders model originally established by the United Nations. The 2014 auIGF will be held on 26 & 27 August at the Crown Promenade, Melbourne. It is proudly presented and hosted by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA).It will bring government, industry and community members together in an open, apolitical forum, to discuss Internet-related policy issues, exchange ideas and best practices, and help shape the future of the Internet in Australia.For more information about the auIGF please visit www.igf.org.au