.au is changing: Direct Registration Public Consultation Opens

Posted by auDA on 6 October 2017

.au Domain Administration (auDA) is seeking public submissions regarding the options to allow registration of a domain name directly before the dot in .au, such as ‘yourdomain.au.’ 

As potentially the most substantial change to the .au domain name space in over 30 years, auDA has convened a Policy Review Panel to examine and make recommendations on the implementation of this policy, known as Direct Registration. One issue is how existing .au domain name holders should be given priority for these new domain names.

The Policy Review Panel encourages written submissions from all internet users, including domain name registrants and business owners on the issues and options presented in the issues paper for the implementation of Direct Registration. The issues paper is available at www.auda.org.au/PRP.

Submissions close Friday 10 November, 2017 and may be emailed to policy.review@auda.org.au or by post to: 

Policy Review Panel
C/O .au Domain Administration
PO Box 18315
Melbourne VIC 3001

Find out more about Direct Registration and the Policy Review Panel at www.auda.org.au/PRP