auDA to consider new names for .au

Posted by Jo Lim on 24 April 2002

Melbourne, 24 April 2002 - auDA is calling for proposals for new .au second level domains (2LDs), that would be created alongside the existing 2LDs like and

The .au domain space is structured into several 2LDs that allow people to register domain names for different purposes. For example, is for commercial purposes, is for educational purposes, and so on.

auDA is considering whether there is sufficient public support for the creation of some new 2LDs. For example, should auDA follow the example of ICANN and create a new "" or ""? Another option might be to create new 2LDs for specific sectors of the community, like "" for lawyers.

auDA is particularly interested in receiving proposals for the existing 2LD, which is currently inactive.

"Now that the .info gTLD has commenced operation, we think there is real potential for to become a very popular domain among Australian Internet users," said auDA CEO, Chris Disspain.

Proposals will be evaluated by an independent New Names Advisory Panel, which will provide recommendations to the auDA Board. auDA is currently accepting nominations for membership of the Panel.

"The main focus of the Panel will be on whether there is a demonstrated community need for the new 2LD. There is no technical limit to the number of 2LDs that could be created, but auDA's view is that 2LDs should exist for a specific, well-defined purpose that serves to maintain the overall integrity and usability of the .au domain," said Disspain.

The closing date for proposals is Friday 31 May 2002.

See New Names Advisory Panel for more information.


For media contact:

Chris Disspain
Chief Executive Officer
tel: 03 9349 4711