auDA's members overwhelmingly approve constitutional changes

Posted by Jo Lim on 15 August 2006

The overwhelming vote in support of changes to the .au Domain Administration (auDA)’s constitution at yesterday’s EGM marked a positive step forward for the Internet in Australia according auDA’s CEO, Chris Disspain.

Mr Disspain said the constitutional changes were needed to ensure that auDA’s principle purposes and structure remained up-to-date with auDA’s contemporary responsibilities to the Australian Internet community.

“Australia’s domain name system is one of the best in the world and we want to keep it that way,” he said.

“As such we need to ensure that our constitution and structure continue to give us the scope required to be able to effectively carry out our role in an ever-evolving and increasingly critical part of the Australian economy and culture – the Internet.”

Constitutional changes approved at the EGM included:
  • Abolishing the representative class of membership and absorbing existing representative class members into either the supply or demand classes;
  • Changing the composition of elected directors to four directors elected by each of the supply and demand classes (from three previously);
  • Increasing the number of independent directors to three (from two);
  • Introducing a defined meaning of “independent directors” in the constitution;
  • Permitting the remuneration of directors and;
  • Permitting the casting of electronic votes at future meetings.

“All of these changes were necessary and reasonable and we’re extremely pleased that the vast majority of auDA’s membership thought so too,” Mr Disspain said.



.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) is an Australian not-for-profit company vested with the responsibility of operating the .au domain for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In its role as manager of the .au domain, auDA carries out the following functions:

  • develop and implement domain name policy
  • license 2LD registry operators
  • accredit and license registrars
  • implement consumer safeguards
  • facilitate .au Dispute Resolution Policy
  • represent .au at ICANN and other international fora.

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